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Here you'll find the scant information we know about this project.
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Currently we have these pieces of fan fiction available:

Kings in Disguise
Virgil noticed the apparent half-ogre still standing cap in hand and waiting for the madame. He paused a moment; trying not to stare at the fellow customer. Something about this one. Virgil waited by the kitchen, trying to look inconspicuous as the half-ogre spoke to the formidable Madame Lil.

by John Syron, 6th January 2005.

The Last Amateur
Years later, settled in a vicarage outside of Caladon, Perriman Smythe would reminisce to his children about the days he followed Malan Wetherby and his company of adventurers. Not for money, not for glory and definitely not for Tarant. Malan was a remarkable man. Last of the warrior mages, I should think. But the time I most remember was the day we finally defeated the Lord of the Damned.

by John Syron, 21st November 2004.

The Diary of Clarisse Vorak
A piece of fiction that details the exploits of Clarisse Vorak, one of the game's pre-generated playable characters. WARNING: This diary follows the game story, and should not be read by those who do not wish to be spoiled. By Rick T, updated on 1/12/02.

A Disturbing Account
The tale of a researcher who ventures into the Glimmering Forest to study Kite culture.

On the nature of the world Arcanum
An in-character review of the game, by Mike "Shooter" Eggertson

A Brief Tale ~ Chiefly involving the exploits of Zaius, a young Half-Orc residing in the world of Arcanum
The tale of an unfairly-treated half-orc who finds himself in the midst of strange happenings. (currently unfinished)
By Michael Craft

The Wrath of the Wretched
The tale of a band of chance companions caught in an epic adventure. (currently unfinished). By Omnipotent_256.

The Mechanics of Peace
An ambitious, novel-size project (currently unfinished). By Lord Davidian.

A game by any other name is not the same
An amusing poem about the long wait for the game, by Lord Davidian

Arcanum: of Hate and Love Obscura
An intricate tale of magick, technology, love and hate. By David J. Turner.

Flux Magicum
A fanfiction by Krel P. Uzaru, detailing the adventures of half-elven magicker Marcus.

Even the longest journies begin with but a single step...
The first in a series describing the adventurous history of Tarn Stormhold, Smith of the Weaver's Forge, as told by Tarn himself.

The Bondsman Chronicles
The story of Connor Shortknee, aka Bondsman, Observer 007 from Tulla. Not based on any modern-day fiction in particular... by Larryn "Skorpios" Cock

Song of the Siren Spider
A poem about the lure of the deadly Siren Spider, by David Poyser.

A Gentlemen's meeting in Caladon
The edited chat log of a roleplaying IRC session of a few Arcanum fans.

If you have written a piece of fan fiction and would like us to put it up on our web site here, simply contact us and we'll include it in our collection.

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