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Here you'll find the scant information we know about this project.
Rumours, Speculation and Wild Guesses
There is currently no in-game information about this project.
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Staff Members

These are the people who made and run Terra Arcanum:

Dark Elf - An admin, one of the oldbies. He posts a lot.

Vorak - An admin, bans and tortures people on a whim. Helps with the forum.

Drog Black Tooth - An admin. The author of the unofficial arcanum patch, high resolution patch and other mods. A living encyclopedia on everything Arcanum.

The_Bob - A moderator. A talented web programmer, he's responsible for our awesome downloads section.

Aurdal - An admin. Helps with the code from time to time.

Retired Members

Jinxed - Evil Dictator in Training™
Once upon a time, Jinxed was listed on this page as a moderator from Poland. His original responsibility was mainly to take care of the House of Lords. About a year passed, and then Calis wandered into the great Internet beyond, leaving full responsibility for the site to Jinxed. So, Jinxed wielded his power like a 6-year-old with a lightsaber, and cracked the whip on the rest of the team to make sure T-A stayed up and running. Oh, he also handled some PR.
Snowmane - Pretty Girl Moderator
With Jinxed assuming so many new responsibilities, a new moderator was needed for the forum. Despite her propensity to impersonate others on IRC, Snowmane is generally a well-balanced, kind person (which makes her much more qualified for the job of moderator than most of the rest of us). Her very high spirits and attitude make her irreplaceable. We're also pretty sure she's a much cuter mod than Jinxed ever was.
Jarinor - Newsie and Chief Cynic
A veteran of the forum, Jarinor has been around for the good, the bad and the ugly. Since he always has something colorful to say, we decided he'd be a perfect journalist-type. Also, we're kind of afraid of him, so when he applied we figured we'd better hire him. While you may not always agree with his opinion, you have to admit he's probably much smarter than you are. His "experience" and panache make him a very valuable staff member.
DarkUnderlord - He breaks stuff!
DarkUnderlord got on the staff by pretending to know PHP. He spent most of his time looking through the site and wondering why things aren't working, then realising it might have something to do with that piece of code he deleted which he was sure we didn't need anymore. Oh yeah, he also wrote some tutorial thingy about Arcanum modding.
Persephone - CodeMonkey and Occasional Content Editor
Although she doesn't have Jarinor's amazing post count, or Jinxed's iron fist, Persephone's genius with HTML makes her the perfect person to delve into the mysterious website code that was left behind in the wake of so many retirees. She will also be copyediting and if she has time on top of all that, occasionally posting news. How will she handle all these tasks? With flair and finesse. After all, she IS a goddess.
Dan "Monkeypunch" Liimatta - Designer
Monkeypunch is the man who made sure Terra Arcanum doesn't hurt anyone's eyes. In real life, he is a 20 year old Swede. Not a monkey. Or so he claims.
Roel "Calis" Arts - Nasty Dictator
Calis is a 20-year Dutch guy who immediately usurped the position of UberMaster at the site. His main job is taking credit for other people's work, but he also handles the tech stuff, does the things no one else wants to do, and spams developers and news sites to get stuff and promote the site.
Karl "Xerophyte" Schmidt - News/Content dude
Xerophyte is an 18 year old Swede who wrote most of the content currently available. Most of the pre-release information in the Library section was written by him.
Mark "ratster" McGeehan - UberFAQ / Library Content / ACP
Ratster has been a long-time member of the Arcanum community and has always been more than willing to put the time into doing all kinds of cool stuff for other Arcanum fans, such as his character planner. Then he offered to update the UberFAQ, which made us realize that we Really, Really Needed Him On Our Staff. Ratster is also the senior T-A staff member, being more than twice as old as the initial three team members.
Peter "Stonecourier" Messenger - Database Development (CharacterBank, etc)
Stonecourier is a professional database programmer. When he's not programming databases professionally, he's doing it for fun. His work here includes most of the library databases, something he also created for Planet Baldur's Gate. Not only did Peter do most (99.999%) of the programming on these databases, he also filled them with info almost single-handedly. Needless to say, Stonecourier is a valued staff member.
Chris "Oyarsa Buckland" Miciek - Jimmy Olson wannabe
Decidedly not Swedish, Oyarsa dreams of finding a few quiet acres to cultivate a small orchard and vineyard. Until then he contents himself with being snobbish about Tolkien, scheming to get Tim Cain's chocolate cake recipe, and talking back to NPR. Oyarsa's main job is doing news.
Saint Proverbius - Articles & art
Saint Proverbius is a veteran when it comes to RPG-related fansites, having worked for premier Fallout-resource Vault 13. His main job is writing articles, posting news (bashing unfavorable Arcanum reviews) and doing all kinds of art. Some of his art work can be seen on our forums.
Greg "Bammer" Bahm
Due to personal reasons, Bammer will not be able to help out with the site in the future.

Special Thanks

These people helped us out in big ways and deserve special mention.

Jason "Codeguy" Bryant - UberFAQ master
Codeguy compiled the UberFAQ, and is gracious enough to let us have it on our site. The UberFAQ is possibly the most-quoted Arcanum resource on the web, and we're damn proud to have it available here. Thanks Codeguy!
Taluntain of - our hoster
We enjoy leeching his bandwidth.
The people at Atomic Rhino - our former hosts
Can you say FAST service? These guys sure can.
The people at Gamer's Alliance and eUniverse - our former hosts
In particular, we'd like to thank Chris Johnson, Mike Humphrey and Lorisa Terrell.

Copyright notice: Unless stated otherwise, all original content on this site is (c) Terra Arcanum staff, 2000-2023, all rights reserved. Many of the materials of this site are based on materials copyrighted by Troika Games, Sierra Studios, Atari, Activision and other companies.