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Here you'll find the scant information we know about this project.
Rumours, Speculation and Wild Guesses
There is currently no in-game information about this project.
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the Council

In the Council section of Terra Arcanum, you will find all sorts of information about Arcanum such as screenshots, reviews, interviews with Troika, fan created documents such as fan fiction and a whole bunch more. Specifically, the Council subsections are:

FAQs - Here we have mirrors of both the official FAQ and CodeGuy's highly informative ÜberFAQ.

Reviews - Links to previews and reviews of Arcanum.

Screenshots - This links to our forum based Gallery. Go here if you want to see the beauty of Arcanum instead of just reading about it.

Fan Art - Arcanum artworks drawn, rendered or otherwise created by fans.

Articles - All kinds of non-fiction reading.

Interviews - Members of Troika revealing their deepest and darkest secrets about a variety of topics.

Chat Logs - Logs of chat sessions held with the employees of Troika as they discuss Arcanum.

Fan Fiction - Stories written by fans, set in the world of Arcanum.

Characte Guide -

Character Planner - A Javascript tool that allows you to plan your character, and enter him/her into our Character Bank.

Character Bank - A database of characters made by readers of this site. Be sure to add your own creation to the bank!

Character Portraits - A whole lot of portraits for you to use for your character. Includes all the ones in the game, if you just want to look at them.


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