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The Mechanics of Peace


by David "Lord Davidian", posted on April 17th, 2001

Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 -
Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8

       Greetings gracious readers! My long (but quite eventful) journey across the vast landscape of Arcanum has finally come to an end. The time has come for me to express, in writing, the perrils and pitfalls of my many and varied experiences as I travelled throughout this mysterious and wunderous land. I, therefore, present to you the first installment of one of many epic tales which I call "The Mechanics of Peace":

It was a calm moon-lit night in the prestine Benlith forest. The generators nearby supplied the not-so-distant city of Copperville with the energetic nightlife it was famous for.

       Delvun Oakwood sat peacefully atop the oak tree under which he was birthed. He crossed his legs under him and took in a deep breath of the sweet night air. The familiar smells of burning inscence and dampened wood permiated throughout the forest and filled his nostrils. The low, steady hum given off by the generators just beyond the tranquil forest oddly added to the young Elf's sense of inner peace.

       Delvun enjoyed climbing up to his favorite spot far above his village after a long rain. It gave him time to think and reflect on current happenings.

       Looking down upon the many wooden huts scattered along the ground far below, Delvun envied how soundly his Kindred could sleep while the Elders continued their loud, incessant chanting. Every night of a full moon this would start and, so, every full moon Delvun would forego sleep, finding solitude only in meditating atop this great oak tree.

       Sure, Delvun understood why the chanting was necessary; without it, the Earth Goddess Kyra would cease granting the Elders the powers of magick. What he could not understand, however, was why magick was so important. Delvun came to believe that any problems he faced could easily be dealt with using his bow and blade.

       The Elders dismissed the naive Youngblood's notions as he dismissed theirs; stating that he was too young to fully appreciate the heritage behind the "Magick Traditions". Delvun cared not for their ramblings but respected them nonetheless.

       It was nearly five hours past the rising of the full moon. Soon the chanting of the Elders would finally cease and a new day would begin. "Thanks be to Kyra for that.", Delvun thought to himself, chuckling out loud.

       A village meeting would take place this morning, Delvun realized. The topic of much debate lately has been whether or not the growing expansion of Copperville posed a real threat to the sacred forest. Also, what precautions, if any, should be taken to ensure the sanctity of the forest and it's many inhabitants. Delvun could only assume that these would be the pressing questions posed at the meeting.

       Being a mere Youngblood of fourty-two cycles of age, Delvun knew he would have little say in the matters. Nonetheless, he was very interested in voicing his opinion and in hearing what others had to say.

       Delvun's feelings were decided at this moment after much meditation. He could find no logical reason to fear a city that for many cycles has respected the boundries set forth by the Elders. "Besides,", he reasoned to himself, "you can't really halt the march of progress, right?" ........

Watch for the next installment coming soon gracious readers. ;o)

       "Experience builds body, mind and soul" -Lord Davidian-


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