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Terra Arcanum

Much information has been given on Arcanum during the years, but the sources are many and their location is not always apparent to the casual traveller. Fortunately, a great deal of this knowledge and lore can be found in the Terra Arcanum Library. The Library is currently divvied up into the following sections:

Spoiler sections

Walkthrough - Can't figure out a particular quest? This page might contain the info you're looking for. Currently contains ALL the quests needed to finish the game, and a whole slew of side quests. Added to on a near-daily basis.

Locations - What we know of Arcanum's geography and the various places of interest.

Item bank - Here we detail the various objects you can find during your travels in Arcanum.

Skills - A list of the skills in the game, training bonuses, and locations of teachers.

Follower bank - People you can recruit during your travels through Arcanum.

Monster bank - The nasty critters you'll encounter during your travels of Arcanum.

Non-spoiler sections

Character - In the Character section we detail the statistics of your alter ego in Arcanum.

Races - Information on the playable races of Arcanum.

Backgrounds - A list of all the backgrounds you can choose for your character.

Schematics - Info on the tech schematics in the game

Spells - Descriptions & info on all the spells in the game


Copyright notice: Unless stated otherwise, all original content on this site is (c) Terra Arcanum staff, 2000-2023, all rights reserved. Many of the materials of this site are based on materials copyrighted by Troika Games, Sierra Studios, Atari, Activision and other companies.