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Song of the Siren Spider

by David Poyser

Deep from within the forestís dark bole,
In tones only I can hear.

The Siren spider calls to me,
And compels me to draw near.

My ears and feet leading me on,
Through the maze of nightís dark green.

Knowing not where I am obliged to go
But taking care not to be seen.

For the tune I follow promises,
To reward my journeys end.

Only if my exodus,
Is witnessed by no other men.

So moving quickly eager to find,
The owner of the tongue.

Which promises carnal pleasures rare,
My walk becomes a run.

Enraptured by the melody,
I quickly lose my head.

And flitting in a headlong dash,
I do not see the web.

Trapped like a fly I glance about,
Then finally I see.

The creature which with silvery voice,
Had captivated me.

A great gray beast instantaneously,
An insect and a man.

With jet black hair and fire red eyes,
Dripping poison from each fang.

Immobilized with horror,
I can only watch in awe.

As the spider stalks towards me,
And exposes her great maw.

The lips which spake of sweetness,
Now expel foul rancid breath.

The voice which promised ecstasy,
Now only assures death.

I wake and find myself a shade,
My body a lifeless husk.

The spiderís aim thusly fulfilled,
I return to the dust.


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