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Forgotten Places of Arcanum (A:WIP)

Current Version: 6.0 (December 14, 2008)



Forgotten Places v. 6.0
Released December 14, 2008

- Corrected a flaw in the backgrounds listings.
- Corrected gold reward at the Tarant warehouse. The rat had the gold.
- Reset the art on the Fireking Medalion.
- Fixed a typo in Ol' Fred's Dialog.
- Added the Wolfsbane Estate for the Thieves' Quest.
- Added an orange brick building to south Tarant. Restored stock art!
- Added the background corrections done by Viqsi.
- Added the trading post of Marcyona - just below the Lethe Wyvern Sighting.
- Added human-sized fletchers.
- Changed a pair of gravestone listings in the Fan Fens.
- Added Interlude by Ben Houge to the music list.
- Added the trading post of Merchants' Faire to the north lands.
- Added the trading post of Cotswold - southeast of Vooriden.
- Corrected a glitch with three of the new schematics.
- Corrected some graphical issues with the Old Mine.
- Added a new thieves' quest to Thaddeus Mynor.
- Added map-marking to The Atlas of Arcanum.
- Added The Tempter of Fate. Buy, sell and exchange Fate Points.

Forgotten Places v. 5.1
Released October 22, 2008

- Reset the effects limits from 0-399 to 0-499.
- Added 16 new backgrounds created by The_Deathsangel.
- Adjusted Harm from 3-40 damage to 3-20.
- Adjusted Fireflash from 15-45 damage to 15-25.
- Adjusted Stone Throw from from 1-50 damage to 20-50.
- Adjusted Minor Heal from 5-30 to 10-50.
- Adjusted Major Heal from 40-80 to 50-100.
- Adjusted Bolt of Lightning from 20-70 damage to 50-100.
- Reset the art used by Madam Lil's package.
- Reset the internal listing for the Schreck's Pistol Schematic.
- Added a "prototype" Schreck's Multibarrel Pistol to the cabinet.
- Reset Weldo Rubin's leveling scheme.
- Solved some conflicts with old scripts and the hopbots.
- Corrected an overlooked link in Faithe's dialog.
- Corrected a typo in the backgrounds.

Forgotten Places v 5.0
Released October 18, 2008

- Added the complete Unofficial Arcanum Patch 081004 and the patch.
- Restored the permanency trick for Reflection Shield.
- Added the Dark Elven Helm to the Well of Lost Souls. A Dark Helm with the original buggy scripts!
- Added the Personal Teleport system to the white magic shop in Tarant. Artwork by ChrisBeddoes, backstory by TONGSyaBASS, scripted by Drog Black Tooth, assembled by rroyo.
- Added a Half-Ogre smith suggested and named by FourHorsemen to Tarant.
- Added 10 new backgrounds created by The_Deathsangel.
- Added the Halfling Riddle expansion by ninja_felix and Drog Black Tooth.
- Added four Tesla Pistols created by theorel. 10 - 40 electrical damage.
- Added some new portraits.
- Added Darkform's Meca Plate mod to Maxim's labratory.
- Added the Charged Axe Schematic to the Quality Smith in Tarant.
- Reset Stringy Pete and a pirate skeleton for more accurate hit points distribution.
- Removed large NPC items from the Bond house in Tarant.
- Reset the Kill on Sight flags for the Fire Elementals at the Uncharted Cave.
- Reset the description for the Screaming Shield.
- Changed the sound effect for silenced weapons to a quieter, movie-styled one.
- Reinstalled Krupps' Ranged Weapons Mod Beta 12.
- Fixed the problem with the half-ogre thief in the Caladon sewers.
- Replaced the wrapped package time-bomb art with the time-bomb from Fallout.
- Made a small change to the Iron Clan.
- Added Mother Tilley to the Boil.
- Added a Create Kerosene schematic to Blackroot.
- Moved the Create Electrolyte Solution schematic to the Tarant junk dealer.
- Added a Create Arrows schematic to the Dernholm junk dealer. Art by T'e'MHbIu.
- Added the Arbalest and schematic. A crossbow made by Thorn and T'e'MHbIu.
- Fixed the Leahbo innkeeper dialog again.

Forgotten Places v 4.4
Released: July 12, 2008

- Corrected a script error for the general merchant in Vormantown.
- Reset Harry Baules' night stand so he goes to bed.
- Added a dying flag-set to Merow Vortahm.

Forgotten Places v 4.2
Released: June 25, 2008

- Correction of the townmap for the Uncharted Cave.
- Fixed Yoki Tagamie's -4 int responses.
- Located and fixed an overlooked flag-setting path in Lasou Vlafa's dialog.
- Fixed a problem with the dark brown cow at Hardin's Pass.
- Renamed the man and half-ogre at the new free house to James Bond and Jaws.
- Replaced missing toggle-off scripts for Brandybuck.
- Renumbered the Vormantown scripts to avoid conflict with stand-alone mods.
- Locked the merchants' containers in Leahbo.
- Implemented Darkform's leveling suggestions. 1x stock for 1 - 10, 1.5x for 11 - 20, 2x for 21 - 30, 2.5x for 31 - 40, and 3x for 41 - 50.
- Added map-marking to zen and surly Virgil dialogs.
- Reset the Dernholm junk dealer's dialog. He was using inventor.
- Leveled up skills and weaponry for the guards and bodyguards in all areas my hack has maps for.
- Filled in missing floor tiles in Gaylin's place.
- Pawnshop inventory is no longer stealable.
- A small reworking of the Spider Cave. It now ends at level 1.
- The packing crates in the Tarant warehouse with the mech spiders are now scenery.
- Added descriptions to some marked areas.
- Disabled the map-marking for Caytr Freeport.
- Remodeled the Well of Lost Souls.

Forgotten Places v 4.0
Released: June 6, 2008

- Added the Vormantown module.
- Added a multitude of bug, dialog, and scenery fixes from various sources.
- Replaced the sound clip used for the halflings with the complete song "Concerning Hobbits".
- Added team a's nighttime toggle-off to allow the halflings to "go inside" at night.
- Added a new hobbit-hole behind the market.
- Added T'e'MHbIu's Manual View Patch.
- Added the most recent version of Virgil's dialog with a map-marking cheat.
- Removed most of the unnecessary items from the Molochean Hand.
- Reset the Vortahm to use stock spells, thus allowing your followers to rejoin you if charmed.
- Added a townmap to Vaselan.
- Removed the Sword of Sickness and Crushing Hammer from the Shrouded Hills Gypsy's initial inventory.
- Reset the Shrouded Hills Gypsy to the stock game inventory.
- Added a Divine Fire Pistol to Ashbury. A magickal gun with 20-30 normal damage + fireball!
- Reset the Kill On Sight flags for the Poison Arachnids at the Iron Clan.
- Reset Hamfist's portrait.
- Altered the XP level-up amounts. Starting at level 12, the amounts needed were increased to 1.75% of original.

Forgotten Places v 3.0
Released: April 3, 2008

- Added the forgotten female dialogs for Cerdo, Schratt, and Peri.
- Replaced the overwritten Machine Plate benefits.
- Added townmaps for most of the new areas.
- Added secondary scripts for the residents of Brandybuck.
- Added three new hobbit-holes to Brandybuck and a shortcut to the west side across the big field.
- Pulled most of the new portraits due to popular demand.
- Boosted the Bogarath to level 50.
- Added the first new location to the Island of Cattan : The Plainwicke Plantation.
- Reset the dressers in the fancy room in the Shrouded Hills temple basement to just scenery.
- Added two new start-up splashes for a total of six.
- Added ships to get you to and from Cattan.
- Added a mountain range across the western tip of Cattan to isolate Monaco and Bone Hill from low-level players.
- Darkened the new shoes to more realistic levels.
- Initial reworking of Leahbo for inclusion into the "Free Bany quest" - yet to be done.
- Added a merchant in trouble to the south end of Black Root.

Forgotten Places v 2.2
Released: October 24, 2007

- Removed the modified protodocs from the Krupps bug fixes and the antigravity bread.
- The level 127 hack is gone. There was a conflict between it and the Molochean Hand hack.
- Several corrupted files were rebuilt or replaced.
- Adjusted the inventories of the Molochean Hand hack and the Orc Bandit Hacks.

Forgotten Places v 2.0
Released: September 29, 2007

- Added all the bug-fixes needed for the A:WIP(1) release.
- Added the backgrounds hack.
- Added a new start-up splash.
- Added four new adventures - Bear Trap, Spider Cave, Acererak's Tomb, and The Halfling Merchant Rescue.
- Added the Halfling village of Brandybuck, including eleven new buildings.
- Added a new merchant class - Fletcher.
- One new Halfling follower - Wrinko Minna. (Bow, prowling, lock pick).
- Weldo Rubin now has a melee/thief leveling scheme. (Bow, prowling, lock pick).
- Franklin Payne's strength boosted to 18.
- Althea, the Shrouded Hills Librarian, now has her own initial dialog.
- The Atlas of Arcanum - A list of all places in the game - has been moved to the Tarant Library.
- Frigo Furbottom's dialog modified.

Forgotten Places v 1.0
Released June 3, 2007

- Added the Cargo Hold hack.
- Added the Inventory hack.
- Added The Malochean Hand hack.
- Added The Orc Bandit hack.
- Added Krupps All-In-One hack.
- Added The Medical Arachnid fix.
- Added The Orc Bandit Leveling fix.
- Added 174 portraits.
- Added Most of ChrisBeddoes new art.
- Added 2 new schematics.
- Added 3 new sound effects.
- Added the Ancient Trail.
- Added a new trail from Old Blind Master.
- Added Vaselan.
- Added the Well of Lost Souls.
- Added Leahbo.
- Added 3 small Vendigroth port ruins.
- Added Adia & Vorakia.
- Added Lynchbany.
- Added The Big Woods Lodge.
- Added Electrolyte Solution schematic.
- Added Create Sheet Metal schematic by Grossenschamm.
- Added Create Dwarven Ore schematic.
- Added Create Dwarven Steel schematic.
- Added Create Vendigroth Sheet Metal schematic.
- Added Create Vendigrothian Large-Bore Rifle schematic.
- Added Create Vendigrothian Padded Gloves schematic.

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