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Welcome traveller! Dare I presume that you are here for Amtut? Ahhh... I thought as much. Well then, you have surely come to the right place! The Arcanum Modmaking TUTorial was designed for the newest of newbies who wanted to make their own Arcanum mods. It covers all of the basics for creating your own slashing adventure! Or perhaps, if you are more of an intellectual, you will learn what you need to create a deeply involved and complex journey.

You can either view Amtut online or download it as a '.zip' file. Another thing that may be of use to you is the Arcanum Resources Section. There you will find the 'Official Arcanum Editing Documents' and all sorts of other useful documents to view online and download. All of these resources are an absolute MUST to read if you wish to develop more complex scenarios. They cover all there is to know! True, they are in some strange and ancient dialect known only to those who wish to decipher them! But, none the less, if you finish Amtut, then the documents will truly be yours to understand. Fare thee well traveller. May the sun shine in all the places you seek. To assist you in your journeys, you will find helpful descriptions of all the various parts of this web-site below.

Welcome: Truly, the welcome page is the page you are reading as we speak! Designed to welcome all new travellers to the realm of Arcanum, the welcome page has a description of all the various sections of this site.

News: So, it is the latest word that you seek? Then the news page is what you need! By clicking on the link in the menu on the left, you will be taken to a page filled with all the latest updates and additions that have been made to this page.

Amtut Tutorial: The Arcanum Modmaking Tutorial (AMTUT) Version 1.1 is a series of easy to use HTML pages. AMTUT is my attempt at a complete tutorial for Arcanum ModMaking. As well as answering most of the basic questions (like how to scroll in WorldEd) and a lot of the more advanced questions (like dialog, scripting, passages/teleportation and quests) it also includes, where necessary, pictures to help explain what is being talked about so you don't get too confused. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand coins!

Resources: The Resources section is filled with many useful lists and documents that you will most certainly need to read if you wish to make more complex modules. The Lists of Sounds, information on Experience Points as well as the HTML version of the WorldEd Manual, are all waiting here to be discovered.

Arcanum Modules: So, you are interested in playing an Arcanum module? Well then, here you will find links and descriptions of most of the mods that are available for the world of Arcanum! Feel free to peruse the lists and try all the mods at your leisure! Certainly, the avid gamer will have much fun here, while the avid modder is sure to fill their head with ideas!

Downloads: Everything that is available on this site can be downloaded easily from the list on this page. Well, that is everything except the Arcanum Modules of course! Browse the list of goodies and download them at your convenience.

Links: My travels have brought me all over the land of Arcanum and I have searched far and wide to provide the best links to other websites that will be of interest to you, the Arcanum Module Maker. Alas, whilst I have indeed journeyed far, I am unable to bring you all of the Arcanum sites that are available. However, many of the sites that I link to have their own, very complete lists of links that will enable you to continue your own journey of discovery for years to come.

Moo... Moo... I'm a Troika cow.

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Copyright notice: A lot of the pictures on this site have been... Erm.. "borrowed" without permission from their owners. Some of the pictures have also been mucked around with by me, DarkUnderlord, to make them fit on the page. As a result, the owners of those images could probably sue me for millions of dollars. If the owners do wish to sue me, could they please give me ample notice so that I may flee to Mexico.

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