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Here you'll find the scant information we know about this project.
Rumours, Speculation and Wild Guesses
There is currently no in-game information about this project.
There are currently no downloads or modding information for this project.


Currently we have these articles available:

Ultimate List of Easter Eggs
A compilation of all Easter eggs, pop-culture and history references found in the game.

Ben Houge on the Arcanum Soundtrack
Ben Houge provides insight into the making of the soundtrack.

Arcanum Manual Index
An index for the manual, also compiled by Snuffy Smythe.

Arcanum Manual - Table of Contents
Since Sierra forgot to include a table of contents with the manual, Snuffy Smythe decided to do one for them.

A Fan's Visit to Troika
Stravaig got a tour of Troika Studios during Arcanum's development.

The Lecture - tech vs. magick
An article explaining the concept of magick/tech aptitude in Arcanum.

Release Me
An editorial on the state of Arcanum, by our own Saint Proverbius.

Saint Proverbius' Arcanum demo review
A review of the Arcanum demo by our own Saint Proverbius.

Installing the .exe Arcanum demo
A number of tips for people having trouble installing the .exe version of the demo (found at Fileplanet and Gamesmania).


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