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Arcanum FAQ
Ver. 1.0, April 2000

Magic and Technology
Character Creation
Non-Player Characters, Followers, and Dialog

When will Arcanum be available for purchase?
What kind of vehicles/etc. are in Arcanum?
What kinds of creatures inhabit Arcanum?

Q: When will Arcanum be available for purchase?

A: Fall of 2000.

Q: What kind of vehicles/etc. are in Arcanum?

A: There are trains and boats in the game.

With trains, you buy a ticket and the train takes you to its destination. It's about as fast as worldmap travel, but with no chance of random encounters. And of course, all Mages must sit in the back of the caboose so that they don't screw up the engine.

There will be boats that work similarly to trains, that go between ports.

If we add zeppelin travel, it will act like train travel. However, in our world, zeppelin travel is expensive and mostly used for intercontinental travel (like the QE2 used to be), so you will still probably be using the train system.

Mages that are well-versed in the College of Conveyance also have the ability to Teleport to a set point that they have marked previously.

You can of course walk directly to nearly all locations, either in the isometric view or by using the WorldMap. The WorldMap allows you to walk large distances in very little real time by compressing game-time. However, you may miss the details of regions that way (you wouldn't see the splendor of a city, or notice a nearby cave). Walking, whether via the WorldMap or in the isometric view, also runs the risk of random encounters.

Q: What kinds of creatures inhabit Arcanum?

A: We have a wide variety of creatures, some of which will be familiar to players, and some of which are unique. Some are more "mythical" in flavor than others, and some have a bit of a Tolkienesque feel (or at least will be familiar to anyone who has played any of the many games similar to Tolkien's work, such as D&D, etc.), but the ideas come from many different sources. There are natural "forest" creatures, fantastical creatures, undead creatures, etc. We don't have any dragons, but you may find a creature with similar qualities.

(officail troika FAQ, taken from troikas homeage and can be found at )


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