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Magic and Technology
How do magic and technology work in Arcanum?
How does a character's magical or technological aptitude affect skills used on that character?
How many spells are there?
How does spell casting work in Arcanum?
What can a technologist make?
Will there be healing potions or salves?
What magical items are in Arcanum?

Character Creation
Are there character classes in Arcanum?
What stats influence fatigue? How important are those stats to a mage?

Non-Player Characters, Followers, and Dialog
Can you get dead party members back?
How does dialog work?
What can scripts test against in dialog?
Will NPCs get in your way?

Can you set up a dedicated server?
Can you play turn-based in multiplayer?
How many people can play at once in multiplayer?
Can you join a game in progress?
What happens when I die in multiplayer?
Can players form parties?
Do players have to stay together in one location?
Can you bring characters from game to game in multiplayer?
Will all my items come into the game with me when I join a game?
How complex is setting up a server?
How do I join a game?
How do I get new multiplayer modules?

Can you pick up arrows that miss?
Can anyone use any weapon?
How will turn-based and real-time combat work?
When the game is set to turn-based mode, will enemies trigger turn-based mode?
What types of attacks do weapons have?
Can you cut off body parts of enemies?
Can you chase down enemies that run away?
Will the death sequences be as gory as in Fallout?

When will Arcanum be available for purchase?
What kind of vehicles/etc. are in Arcanum?
What kinds of creatures inhabit Arcanum?



(officail troika FAQ, taken from Troika's homeage and can be found at )


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