Renowned explorer/adventurer Payne to be awarded the Tarantian Coat of Arms at a special gala dinner event Sunday evening the next, the 25th of the month of March. Wax recording to be available on this telegraph site the Monday morning following.


MONDAY 19, TARANT - It was announced today that Franklin Payne, ESQ., would have the Coat of Arms bestowed upon him by the Tarantian Zoological Society for services above and beyond the calling of duty, and for his various contributions to the realms of scientificology.

Franklin Payne, ESQ.
Franklin Payne, ESQ.

Mr. Payne was characteristically reserved upon hearing of his upcoming honor. "Hah! They must be running low on stuffed shirts to give these awards to if they're honoring a bloke like me! HuhHa! Well, anything for a free meal, I suppose."

The banquet is to be held at the headquarters of the Zoological society, and this reporter hopes that Mr. Payne will share a tale or two culled from his fantastically thrilling expeditions.

Sir Theodore Faraday
Sir Theodore Faraday

A Philosophickal Debate


17 OCTOBER TARANT - As many Tarantians already know, our city's Philosophickal Society lately presented a Lively Discussion on the merits and achievements of the Sorcerous Sciences, versus those of Natural Philosophy and its adherents.
Sir Theodore Faraday, Dean of Sciences at Tarant's Athenaeum, took the podium on the side of Natural Philosophy, while the Sorcerous Arts were defended by a learned guest from the Halls of Knowledge in Tulla, Master August Westwind.

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Letters to the Editor


I have seen a dreadful fire, with nearly half the city and a great part of its outlying suburbs destroyed. I see bands of foreigners organized for plunder; devastation in every quarter. With a million and a half people assembled, the turmoil will prove the upcoming Exhibition to be the greatest in the world's records, but it will not be an Exhibition of Industry. An Exhibition of Destruction we will see instead! Tarant has her deadly enemies, who cannot combat her in war, but when the city gates are opened they will have an opportunity to inflict a heavy calamity upon her. The city has embraced Technology, and this infernal pact with Science may yet be all of our undoing! Let the Ministers of the Crown be prepared; it is not impossible but that some dreadful conspiracy may be now concocting. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

--A Shire Seer.

The Olde Cannon rolled off its pivets recently, crashing into the Wensley-Dale's gardern wall. Fortunately, nobody was hurt during the incident, although Mrs. Wensley-Dale's fine carrots suffered greatly.