troi•ka (troi'ku), —n. 1. a Russian carriage, wagon, or sleigh drawn by a team of three horses abreast.
2. a team of three horses driven abreast.
3. any group of three persons, nations, etc., acting equally in unison to exert influence, control, or the like.

Troika Games Troika Games LLC was founded in April 1998 by Timothy Cain, Leonard Boyarsky, and Jason Anderson.

Fallout® - the title they previously worked on - was 1997 winner of OGR's Game of the Year, and winner of RPG of the Year from PC Gamer, Computer Gaming World, GameSpot, Adrenaline Vault, Games Domain, Gamesmania among others. The goal of Troika Games is to develop the highest-quality games available for the home computer.

Fallout is a registered trademark of Interplay Productions and is not affiliated with this product.