Pause, kindly reader, and view the travel adventure of a lifetime!

What gentleman of noble upbringing can resist the marvels of adventure in the land of Arcanum! From the smog-enshrouded glow of its modern cities to the murky mines of the dwarves, both enchantment and mechanical marvels will bewitch and bewilder you at every turn. Witness firsthand the throes of Arcanum's conflict between its magical past and its industrial future in this, the unique computer role-playing game from Sierra and Troika Games.

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Arcanum Soundtrack Plays On
October 3rd, 2002
Paul R. Coats, a Louisiana saxophone player, has arranged five pieces from the Arcanum soundtrack for saxophone quartet. Learn more about Paul's work, including how his son turned him onto the music at Sax on the Web.

In further news, a suite of music from the Arcanum soundtrack will be performed at the Sound Currents concert being organized by a group of Seattle composers, including Arcanum composer Ben Houge, sponsored by the Washington Composers Forum. The concert will take place on February 25, 2003 as part of the Music and Arts series of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Mercer Island, WA.

Musicians will also want to discover the complete Arcanum sheet music at and the Arcanum Soundtrack Artist Page at

Arcanum is PC Gamer's Best Roleplaying Game of 2001
February 8th, 2002
PC Gamer, the world's best selling computer games magazine, has bestowed their highest honor for RPG games on Arcanum this year. "Arcanum greatly exceeded our expectations, optimizing everything we hold dear about roleplaying on the computer," wrote the editors in the eighth annual awards issue on newsstands everywhere this month.

Computer Games Magazine Honors Arcanum
January 31st, 2002
The editors of Computer Games Magazine have given Arcanum the nod for "Best Role-playing Game" and "Best Writing" in their annual awards issue (March 2002). Arcanum "... could easily keep you questing through 2003...," says CGM.

News Archives

The Tarantian: Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Read All About It
The Tarantian is Arcanum's leading commemoration of modern thought, contemporary occurence, and explained curiosa! Remark upon the news of the day, or recount the Tarantian's most esteemed essays, recorded for posterity.

Arcanum Tales: An Unfortunate Affair
Follow the courageous journey of young mage Perriman Smythe in an original work of fiction by Sir Chadwick Moore.

John Beddoes' On the Races of Arcanum (2nd Ed.)
In this controversial text, celebrated naturalist John Beddoes hypothesizes upon the origin and relation of the thinking-creatures of the realm: dwarves, halflings, gnomes, ogres, elves, orcs and man. Reprinted here with permission.



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