Arcanum Version Readme

This info replaces the Readme for Arcanum patch to version

To install the patch, execute the update file and follow the prompts. The patch will start at the default install directory. If you did not install to this path, please find the folder that your "Arcanum.exe" resides in. Then continue on with the install to add the latest files.

This version fixes several bugs and other problems that have been reported. WorldEd has also received substantial improvement to its interface and a larger, more user-friendly help document. ScrMaker can also be invoked directly from WorldEd.

WARNING: Before using the new WorldEd, make sure you have all of your personal modules compressed into DAT format. The new WorldEd will only read data from DAT files.

Here is a list of the major problems solved (and some minor ones too):

NOTE: SPOILER WARNING! Given the nature of explaining what bugs have been fixed, there are some plot and item spoilers listed below! Read at your own risk!

  • Fixed corrupted save games due to inventory items with bad data
  • Fixed a turn-based bug that could lead to NPC's holding invalid items
  • Fixed a bug where followers would get angry at you for non-followers' accidental attacks
  • A background called "Apprenticed to a Blacksmith" is now available
  • The bonus cap for high Beauty has been raised
  • Mechanical followers can no longer be pickpocketed
  • New script opcodes are available to allow changing auto level schemes and NPC standpoints on other maps
  • Attacking critters are now more prone to attack enemies near them rather than running to attack a farther enemy. However, sometimes they will still run to attack an enemy who is higher level than the nearer enemy.
  • Master Repair is fixed and now makes broken items useable again
  • By popular demand, you can continue to gain experience at level 50. At the point where you would normally advance to the next level, you will remain at 50 but any followers will level up. Then you are reset to level 50 and can continue to advance. In this way, you can eventually level all followers to 50, no matter what their level when they joined you.
  • Getting the Vendigroth device early will no longer invalidate later events
  • Idiot savants can now join Kerghan
  • Magnus will rejoin properly after waiting
  • M'in Gor'ad dialog has been fixed
  • The 'M' and 'K' shortcuts are disabled in the Main menu
  • Fixed bug dragging skill/spells from the "invisible" rotating window in full-screen mode
  • Zan A'lurin now checks the max follower limit
  • Town map labels sometimes had extra text appended and this has been fixed
  • Maug will now give his quest item
  • Several quest NPC's will no longer have the quest item on their person after the quest item is turned in (to prevent pickpockets from repeating the quest)
  • Cassie will return the next day after you "enjoy some time together"
  • The dog can now rejoin after being resurrected
  • Problems with Stringy Pete, his quest, and his boat have been fixed
  • Problems with the Bangellian Scourge have been fixed
  • Brightness levels are now saved correctly
  • The Ellumyn and Elven hunter bows now do the damage specified
  • Followers can no longer use spells in unidentified magick items nor will they use magick items that will fail due to the follower's high tech level
  • Grunwalde's dialog has been fixed
  • Sebastian can now talk after being resurrected
  • Pettibone's dialog has been fixed
  • The Hand Cannon has been rebalanced
  • Wagering with tavern people has been fixed
  • Bronwych's Gun has been rebalanced
  • Raven will rejoin the group before entering the Void
  • Prices on the Force Shield and Shadow Shield now more accurately reflect their worth
  • Guards in the Panarii temple have had their stand points reset
  • Problems when Virgil chooses to leave the party (and comes back later) have been addressed
  • A fix for tile scripts that cause crashes
  • A fix for spell mastery so that it gives correct spell maintenance costs

Tech support has moved since the original release. Please use the following info if you have problems:

Sierra On-Line
Technical Support
4247 South Minnewawa Avenue
Fresno, CA 93725

Main: (425) 644-4343
Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST
Fax: (310) 258-0755

The Troika Team.