Check out Arcanum-Multiverse a new megamod from the russian scene. Available though in ENGLISH!

Discussion in 'Module Discussion' started by namad, Feb 2, 2019.

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  1. namad

    namad Member

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    Aug 31, 2006
    official link:

    Just going to steal their description, because I think they do a good job explaining their own mod.

    ▪ Multilanguage.
    Preparing RePack we proceeded from the fact that all our fixes are compatible with both the Russian and English versions of the game. Selecting a language does not affect the performance of edits.

    ▪ Original cut-out animation was integrated.
    The beta versions of Arcanum presented additional animation, which was later cut. As an example of this animation – objects, items, NPC animation and portraits for different races and sexes characters.

    ▪ New items based on the restored graphics have been created.
    Thus, we found an unused applications and content made by developers and we could solve the problem of identical appearance in different objects.

    ▪ The properties of a number of objects and schemes for their assembly have been refined.
    For example, visual inconsistencies between schematics and objects, as well as their technical characteristics (use, ammunition consumption, etc.) were eliminated.

    ▪ Locations from Mapper's Mod integrated.
    We have eliminated a lot of visual flaws in the graphics, as well as in the layout of locations. The basis of the mod includes fixing the position of objects, creating missing textures, working with lighting and much more. More in detail with all this you can find in the project theme.
    Also there is an extended version of the mod, developed specifically for the project Sir's Expectations Modpack.

    ▪ High-quality maps of locations were integrated.
    In the corresponding locations viewing the picture mode will be smoother. This concerns not only the early version of the panoramas, we process them after all the changes that are made to the layout of the locations.

    ▪ Some background soundtracks were replaced.
    Original cut-out ambient of the release version has been replaced by a more complete from the beta-version.

    ▪ Original lossless music was integrated.
    Tracks in lossless quality we personally handed us by the composer Ben Houge, so that the quality of these tracks can be no doubt. Perhaps the owners of the integrated sound card and standard speakers will not appreciate our efforts, but I hope that everyone else will like it.

    ▪ Partially modified gameplay.
    Some additions and additions touched dialogue and scripted scenes, namely the relation of words and NPC actions.

    ▪ Arcanum High Resolution Patch was updated and integrated.
    Especially for the patch made for high-resolution the interface version has been created and added to the scope of two variants of a background of the main menu. It is hiding visual artifacts after the patch installation.

    ▪ Selection of the best modifications and patches was performed:
    II. Unofficial Arcanum Patch (aka UAP).
    III. Grand Fix (aka GF).
    IV. alpha patch.
    In addition, our team performed many small fixes of unknown bugs, improvements and additions for our own patch Multiverse Patch.

    ▪ Configurator and launcher were created for easy compatibility settings with Windows 8, 8.1 и 10.
    Configurator includes the following:
    I. Technical options for solving game performance problems.
    II. Choose options that previously needed to register keys in the shortcut properties.
    III. Advanced game settings.
    IV. Customize Arcanum High Resolution Patch.
    V. Optional autoupdate.

    ▪ Official modules by Troika Games are integrated.
    Fixing bugs, minor improvement.

    ▪ Designed bonus section.
    In the installation folder, you can find a lot of official content. Conceptual art of the developers, notes to the soundtrack, wallpapers, etc.

    Detailed report on the above items is set out in the log of changes and fixes included in the documentation for the game (.../documents/Arcanum Multiverse Edition notes.rtf).
    Authors and support
    Корвелл (aka Corvell) (Multiverse Team) – edition of locations design (Mapper's Mod), work with graphics and technical part, assembly, support;
    Macbeth (Multiverse Team) – Russian localization, works coordinating, support.
    van Rijn (Multiverse Team) – Russian localization editing, technical work, testing, support;
    Volh – idea, technical part, assembly, support;
    daemon (R.G. Catalyst) – fonts, installer with configurator, High Resolution Patch (v1.2);
    Dementei – fonts, High Resolution Patch, work with graphics and technical part, testing, support;
    Positiff – technical consulting, advices, ideas;
    Richard Abramson – idea of autoupdater, support, consulting.

    Implemented patches
    Patch (by Troika Games)
    UAP (by Drog Black Tooth)
    Grand Fix (by Gentle_Giant)
    alpha patch (by Kessler Van Doom)

    I've very very hype about this because I haven't had a chance to play through arcanum with "fresh" eyes since playing it through in AWIP6.0 nearly a decade ago!
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  2. Howard Stern

    Howard Stern Member

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    Dec 27, 2007
    Wow this post should be pinned to the top of whatever thread this is in. I found this with google. Can't wait to try it!
  3. Barabbah

    Barabbah Member

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    Dec 1, 2019
    I tried it but it didn't lived up to all the hype. The good stuff are already present in the UAP or planned on the upcoming addons Sir Expectation Modpack and Vendigroth Legacy. Of course whenever those addons will come I can decide if they are good or not....
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  4. Howard Stern

    Howard Stern Member

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    Dec 27, 2007
    Hey thanks for the info!

    I hoped that this would fix the problems I had when I tried replaying recently. I tried EVERYTHING to get this game to work with my PC using the steam app, check my thread for details:

    I searched all over google trying to find the best fixes and I thought they would work, but I ended with problems that made the game unworkable.

    Thanks for saving me a lot of time.
  5. Barabbah

    Barabbah Member

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    Dec 1, 2019
    Stick up to UAP for the moment and wait for the release of one of those addons ;)
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