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Discussion in 'News Comments' started by DarkUnderlord, Mar 2, 2005.

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    Nov 10, 2001
    The saga of who sold what and for how much continues again today. Leon Boyarsky has popped up on the <a href="">RPG Codex</a> and said this about cheques and sales.
    <br><blockquote>The reason Andrew could see our royalty statements is because we were an open book company - besides sharing good news with our employees (like good sales numbers) everyone knew where we were financially at all times, even when the news was bad.
    <br>I don't have any actual numbers at hand (nor do I know whether I can reveal numbers per our contract, since I don't have that with me at the moment either), but to the best of my knowledge, ToEE was our best seller - or at least our fastest. The reason it's difficult to say is because our numbers were often being adjusted after the fact for arcane business reasons (on the publisher's end). I believe Arcanum is close to ToEE in sales, but Arcanum has been out alot longer and is at a much lower price point. Vampire hasn't been out long enough to really judge how well it will eventually do, as our games tend to continue to sell (as do all RPGs) longer than most.
    <br><a href="">That's all in this thread</a> at the RPG Codex. So there you have it, the numbers get adjusted so it's possible no-one really knows just how much of what got sold. It's clear though that Troika didn't land that "slam dunk" title that would've made them all millionaires and given them enough to continue under their own conditions.
    <br>It's a bit of a pity, that.
    <br>Spotted at <a href="">RPG Codex</a>
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