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Discussion in 'News Comments' started by mathboy, Nov 21, 2004.

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  1. mathboy

    mathboy New Member

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    Sep 3, 2003
    <A href="http://troikagames.com">Troika</A> recently updated their page with a completely new interface and some new jobs too:

    <blockquote> Troika currently has a number of positions open for qualified individuals.

    <B>Concept Artist</B>
    This position focuses on the creation of conceptual drawings/paintings to assist in establishing the look and feel of our games and texture mapping characters. Responsibilities will include...

    * Execution of concept work with focus on character, architectural, and environmental designs.
    Helping designers to visualize and set the mood and art style for a particular game.
    Assisting designers in design and creation of icons, interfaces, storyboards, and various 2d needs for the games.
    Texture mapping characters (will train talented artists w/out previous texturing experience)

    Required Experience and Skills:
    o Strong knowledge of anatomy, composition, color theory, drawing and painting.
    Experience in digital 2D art programs (Painter, Photoshop).
    Creative and inventive design capabilities.
    Video Game development experience a plus, but not required
    Ability to take direction and incorporate feedback into work.
    Industrial design experience/education a plus.
    Texture mapping experience a plus.

    <B>Character Modeler</B>
    As a character modeler, your job will consist of turning 2D concept art into 3d models. Responsibilities include...

    * Modeling high detail, high polygon models for the creation of normal maps.
    Modeling low poly versions of models for in game use.

    Required Experience and Skills:
    o Strong knowledge of anatomy.
    At least two years video game development experience.
    Ability to utilize concept artwork to create viable in game models.
    Extensive experience/knowledge of either 3D Max or Maya
    Ability to take direction and incorporate feedback into work.
    Thorough understanding of texture mapping.
    2D art skills a plus.

    The Designer/Writer at Troika games specializes in the creation of stories, quests and node based dialogs. Responsibilities include...

    * Working with lead designer, other designers, and artists to implement design.
    Writing complex node based dialogs.
    Contributing to story development.
    Quest design dialogs.

    Required Experience and Skills:
    o At least three years video game development experience as a designer or equivalent.
    Ability to be creative on demand.
    Strong knowledge of Word and Excel.
    Ability to communicate and work well within a team.
    Must possess ability to take direction and willingness to incorporate changes into work.
    Ability to take the initiative on design issues when needed.

    <B>Senior Rendering & Tools Programmer</B>
    Troika Games is looking for an experienced rendering and tools programmer to architect code for an in-house engine. The ideal candidate should view rendering as only the final stage of an art pipeline that begins with concept sketches, and be able to communicate effectively with artists at every stage of this pipeline about their tasks and workflow. Responsibilities include...

    * Identifying technical needs throughout the company.
    Designing and implementing systems to balance the goals of maximizing visual quality and minimizing production costs.
    Communicating with designers and artists to streamline production.

    Required Experience and Skills:
    o C++ and object-oriented design skills.
    Strong background in mathematics.
    Knowledge of x86 assembly and optimization.
    Experience with advanced rendering techniques and low-level shader technologies.
    C++ GUI framework experience (MFC, wxWindows, etc.).
    Ability to design usable and intuitive interfaces.
    Experience with asset production in a team environment on multiple shipped titles.

    Be sure to check it out.

    Spotted @ <A href="http://www.troikagames.com">http://www.troikagames.com</A>
  2. xento

    xento New Member

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    Jun 18, 2002
    Mmmm... Looks like they're getting ready for that post-apocalyptic RPG.

    Troika must have alot of money they don't know what to do with if they have legit versions of 3Ds Max and/or Maya, although I suppose with big-time game developers, it's really chump change.
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