The effective extent of aptitude.

Discussion in 'Arcanum Hints & Tips' started by The Chosen One, Jan 9, 2004.

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  1. The Chosen One

    The Chosen One New Member

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    Aug 13, 2002

    If I have 0 tach-magic aptitude, how much will it effect:

    a) Pick Locks?
    b) Magical/Tech equipment e.g. Charged rings - will it give me the bounus even if i have a small amount of magical aptitude or 0?
    c) Other magic equipment like Ellyum's bow, will it have a negative impact if I have 0 magical apt?

    Im trying to make a character who is slightly profficient in magic and tech, as well as mastering Pick Locks. Im gonna go for spells like disarm and AoF that don't work off magical apt. and mybe balanced sword and charged rings, but I was mainly wondering about picklocks and tech/magic equipment.
  2. Solaris

    Solaris New Member

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    Nov 10, 2002
    Pick Locks and other tech skills- it is supposed to affect your chances of success. The more tech you are, the better. But I don't know exact figures. Still, I don't believe that it has some serious effect.
    Magick/Tech equipment: A neutral (0 aptitude) character will only receive part of the magick bonuses from magick weapons- most of the time 50%. Suppose, if your sword does 1-10 (+4) damage, you will only get 1-10 (+2). Gloves of Dexterity, that add you +2DX, will only give a neutral character +1DX. Likewise, Tech Charged rings will also only give you +1DX.
    If the magic weapon has fixed damage, without (+X), you will receive full damage at zero aptitude. Ellumun's bow is one of such weapons.
  3. Blinky969

    Blinky969 Active Member

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    Jul 8, 2003
    On the last 2 points Solaris is completely right, but not on the first. your aptitude has no relation to any tech skills, not directly anyway, except that it's altered when you get them.

    Repair, I believe only your intelligence and points spent are factors, although maybe Dx as well.

    Firearms, if you're magic you are more likely to critically fail with guns, but I don't know if it affects your actual accuracy with guns outside of that. I could make a magic gun and check. Pe and skill are the only known factors for accuracy.

    Pick locks, not at all, skill level and Dx are the only factors.

    Disarm traps, nope, Dx or PE, maybe both, and skill level.
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