Some questions about Arcanum universe (maybe i'm just overthinking)

Discussion in 'Arcanum Discussion' started by m'ayen, Feb 8, 2021.

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  1. m'ayen

    m'ayen New Member

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    Oct 25, 2014
    I played arcanum back in 2011, then played it again for 2021 (lol to commemorate the 10th year of playing it maybe? xD)

    So i have some lore questions that anyone can answer to stimulate your knowledge about it's story writing perhaps:

    1. Vendigrothian people - it's written that they're "humanoids" so what does it mean? half-human aliens? Or just some gook-ass super high IQ humans? Why are they evil btw?

    2. Civilization inside the Void - has anyone already had information about them? Are they humans? Are they related to the Vendigroths?

    3. Half-ogre Island descendant - there's too many half-ogres around but which of them are descendants of the island mothers? Chukka? That security guard from Island of Despair?

    4. Tulla Necros - why did they banished Kerghan if the necro college will eventually become a well established magical college? Isn't that kind of retarded for Nasrudin?

    5. Magnus era Iron Clan - has anyone discussed whether Magnus (or Malcolm) re-establish the Iron Clan? It's pretty dope but unfortunately I haven't encountered any endings telling the clan's fate. Only Wheel clan where Loghair lived 800 yrs blah blah..

    6. Void backstreet boys - Even if it's not written, what do you think will happen if Krak, Bane, and Gorgoth get straight outta Void? Didn't recruit them but there's an ending wherein you will deal w/ them getting outta void. Will they just re-destroy the world? Isn't that a bit retarded for them?

    7. Raven loves Living One - is there an ending where Quintarra will be mentioned and the lovers will be settle there or something? I acutally wish I could have a love afair w/ Z'an instead.

    That's it I guess I hope I could get your opinions here folks just keeping this forum alive n' kickin after 20 yrs hehe.

    Shoutout to Dark Elf, Drog, Muro they used to be active here back in 2011.. and another Lizard guy who told me to slap my sister xD cheers
  2. Barabbah

    Barabbah Member

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    Dec 1, 2019
    4) I believe Kerghan developed a branch of Necromancy so extreme it justified his banishment

    5) One alone can't build a clan out of nowhere

    6) There's an ending where if you gave a particular sword to the Bane of Kree you will be responsible for his return to Arcanum and the massacre he'll bring
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