Questing in Dernholm

Discussion in 'Arcanum Hints & Tips' started by ConjurerDragon, Apr 10, 2021.

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  1. ConjurerDragon

    ConjurerDragon Member Supporter

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    Feb 22, 2021
    In my current game I have long ago collected the gold from Black Root and handed it over to King Praetor and when asked he mentioned a second job... but too private... perhaps later...

    Now I guessed that the quest has a level minimum just like some characters only join if my character has gained a minimum level - but now I have gained several levels and have a full party. And yet King Praetor who has a reaction of "amiable" towards me still mentions that there is still some work to do but... too private... perhaps later...

    Gamebanshee mentions that he needs to trust me
    "You can also ask King Praetor for a second job. If he finds you trustworthy, he'll tell you..."

    So - is my character just too good for the King to trust? Or still too low level? Or too much techno?
    What will trigger King Praetor coming out with his 2nd quest?

    Edit: Forgot to mention - my character is also a Persuasion Expert.


    Edit: I just went for RazorĀ“s Point and found the Amulett without waiting for receiving the quest from the King. Worked.
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  2. Barabbah

    Barabbah Member

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    Dec 1, 2019
    In my opinion it could have been a matter of magick/tech aptitude
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