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Discussion in 'Roleplaying Forum' started by Oyarsa, Dec 18, 2001.

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    Apr 20, 2001
    Right. In the interest of working towards ends pursuant of the endeavor of establishing a parallel realm the governor's coucil presents with much thanks to Skorpios this astonishingly fascinating exploration of language found to be temporally applicable to the fictional era of the Arcanum milieu.


    Forgotten Words List

    By Larryn Cock from:
    "The Word Museum" by
    Jeffrey Kacirk and other sources

    For those of you who are looking for inspiration for Arcanum
    fan-fiction, or just character name ideas, have a look at some of these:

    brizzle - to burn or singe - perfect for use in conversations
    with Fire mages or dwarves with flamethrowers.

    boiling-piece - originally a tough piece of meat, but can mean
    any situation that is tough or difficult: "That liche is a boiling-piece!"

    bruzzle - a great to-do: "I had a huge bruzzle in the Boil last

    bumwhush - ruin or obscurity - "That last stick of dynamite sent
    that Guard to bumwhush!"

    carpet knight - a peaceful knight - ie a tradesman or civil
    servant knighted rather than a soldier - is this a great term for diplomats or what??? This term also applied to those skilled or known for their 'bedroom arts' - fits quite well with a charming/seductive diplo character.

    chimble - to gnaw like a rat - perhaps it can be used for areas
    with too many rats: "The sewers of Tarant are a real chimble-fest!!!"

    clank-knapper - a silver tankard thief - just a cool name for
    those characters who like to 'bend the law' a little.

    clointer - make noise with feet - especially with metal-shod
    shoes - is this a perfect term for clumsy followers in full armour or what!
    "Stop clointering Magnus!!!!"

    clapperclaw - to fight with 'tooth and claw' ie without weapons -
    a term for unarmed specialists??? "That elvish monk?? He is one hell of a clapperclaw!"

    clunter - an awkward stumbler - "Don't let Skorpios play in this mod - he is a right clunter!!!"

    cumberwordle - idle person, burden - see above...*g*

    bonksman - a worker at the mouth of a coalpit - is that a cool surname for any dwarves out there??

    aproneer - a shopkeeper or tradesman: "Hey, check out the aproneer in the northwest of Quintarra - he has magick medallions up the whazoo!"

    blowsabella - rough, red-faced wench - a female character with
    low BEA/CHA.

    bellibone - beautiful and good woman - a female character with
    high BEA/CHA.

    bilf/bulf - large and clumsy - "Hey, Bulfie! Hurry up you dumb halfogre!!!"

    exflunct - to overcome thoroughly or to use up completely: "Hey - hit me with a healing potion - quick!" "Sorry mate - I'm exflunct!"

    feague - originally meant to 'ginger' a horse (don't ask!!!), but means to excite or lift one's spirits or energy. Could apply to the various magick and tech potions and concoctions. "Feague me!"
    "What do you want? Heal Lite or Fatigue Restorer?"

    Abracadabrant - marvellous or stunning - me, I just think it is a
    cool name for the mages out there! "Hi, my name is Murlyn, and I'm an Abracadabrant!" "Hi, Murlyn!!!" (Quote from Abracadabrant Anonymous meeting held recently in

    aflunters - in a state of disorder: "Heh, I left that zombie all

    Alytarch - he wo seeth that good rule be kept at common games and exercises - a possible title for referees or moderators in MP mods??

    andrantomy - the dissection of the human body - I think this would be a cool term for fighters - "This is Zed Blacksword - andrantomer for hire."

    answer-jobber - one who makes a trade of writing answers - a term
    I'd like to see used in regard to Troikaites and certain dedicated members of this board who go out of their way to answer questions
    (especially from newbies).

    aspirin-hound - one addicted to extensive use of aspirin - I think this could be adapted for Arcanum: "That Aldaronis - he is one serious potion-hound."

    awblaster - a cross-bowman - cool! Now we have an alternative to 'archer' for those who want to specialise in crossbows!!

    azzardly - poor, ill-thriven from 'azzard' a wayward child. Perhaps this title could be awarded to some members of this board...*eg*

    ribroast - to beat soundly: "Hey, what happened in the clanwar between The Technologists and Clan HOLY???" "It was terrible, they ended up totally ribroasted."

    ruffler - basically a thief and brigand who passes himself off as a mercenary - could be used to denote a thief character with decent combat skills.

    rutterkin - a crafty old knave - anyone here at the Inn with four stars or more

    ruckle: a loose heap or pile - the piles of loot left lying around in Arcanum when you slaughter someone (and their body decays) or you break open a chest or other container.

    rough and ugly - well in health - particularly applicable to halforcs with their high constitutions!

    right croaker - a physician who does business with the underworld, treating wounds without reporting to police - those less scrupulous characters who study the healing arts

    resurrectionist - body-snatcher - great term for necromancers or looters!

    regrator - hoarder who collects items for resale - particularly appropriate for techies who build tech items purely for resale rather than personal use

    ramfeezled - to exhaust oneself with work, to wear oneself out - great for Arcanum's fatigue system! "I cast one last Fireflash and I was ramfeezled!"

    raw-gabbit - speaking confidently on a subject of which one is ignorant - might not apply to Arcanum, but somehow it seems to fit right in here at the Inn

    quidnunc - an inquisitive person, always seeking for news - pretty much sums up player characters in RPGs everywhere!!!!

    quanked - overpowered by fatigue - self-explanatory.

    pelf - goods, especially such as are taken by force: "Hey, nice haul of pelf. man!"

    peccable - liable to sin - someone who is on the 'evil' side of the alignment meter.

    oyster part - an actor who appears, acts or speaks only once - will there be any 'oyster' NPCs in Arcanum I wonder?

    orotund - elocution, a fine speaker. Applicable to characters with high Persuasion.

    nizzertit - stunted in growth - a useful term of abuse to be used against gnomes, halflings or dwarves in MP.

    laced-mutton - a prostitute

    gapesnest - a wonderment, a strange sight: "How about when you first enter Quintarra?? What a gapesnest!" (Hopefully Arcanum will have LOTS of gapesnests!"

    gramarye - magic

    fulham - an old cant word for false dice - could be adapted to describe characters with a high Gambling skill.

    footmanship - the art or faculty of a runner - pertains to characters with high speed.

    forswunk - utterly worn out with 'swink' or hard labour - more alternate terms for fatigue

    kiddliwink - a small shop where they retail the commodities of a village store - 'general' stores in Arcanum as opposed the magick shops, or smiths or shops with 'themes'.

    leachcraft - the art of medicine or surgery - an alternate term for the Healing skill. Perhaps we can call Arcanum healers 'leachcrafters'

    little snakesman - a little boy who gets into a house through the sinkhole and then opens the door for his accomplices: Halflings 'r' us!!!

    magsman - a street swindler who persuades gullible persons out of
    their possessions. Magsman are wonderful actors.... Another great term for diplomates with high Persuasion and/or

    man of straw - a person without capital - a term for a player who finds himself without coin in Arcanum

    to mazzard - to knock on the head, to brain one - called shot to
    the head in Arcanum.

    mundivagant - wandering through the world - another great term for player characters in any RPG

    nicknackitarian - a dealer in curiosities - there are a few of these in Arcanum!

    pettilashery - petty larceny - hence thieves in Arcanum might be known as 'pettilashers'

    pogonophobia - a fear of beards - perhaps elves are pogonophobes????

    potvaliant - heated with courage from strong drink - alcohol DOES affect player characters in both positive and negative ways in Arcanum - so some players might get 'potvaliant' on occasion.

    powfag - to work to the point of exhaustion - more fatigue-speak!

    "Cast that lightning bolt now!" "I can't - I'm powfagged!"

    prygman - a thief

    screever - a man who draws with coloured chalks on the
    pavement... Perhaps this could be applied to modbuilders who makes their mods
    available to the public?

    scruttle - to save money with difficulty, to scrape together - used when money is hard to come by in the game. "Why don't you buy better armour?" "I'm scruttling at the moment"

    in scuggery - a state of concealment - using the Prowling skill - so a character with a high Prowling skill is a scugger.

    to take a sheep-bed - to sleep on the grass - when your character 'sleeps rough' in Arcanum

    sithcundman - the oldest inhabitant, the one who knows what happened a longtime since - veterans of the Inn such as CodeGuy or Stravaig

    slockster - one thst slocks, or entices away another man's servants - I believe it is possible to steal other player's followers if you are charismatic and persuasive enough

    smuce - a contemptive epithet applied to any place. "Quintarra?? What a smuce!" (Quote from a dwarven ambassador)

    snogly gear'd - handsomely dressed - dolled up with the best clothing around, eg the smoking jacket or debutante dress.

    spanwhengle - to shake or knock about violently: "That dynamite spanwhengled me seriously!"

    sproag - to run among the haystacks after the girls at night (nothing to do with Arcanum but sounds like fun!!!)

    ziff - a beard - could be usefull for all sorts of dwarf-related
    terms: ziff-puller, whiffy-ziff, etc

    whypjacke - beggar and petty thief

    wet finger - to do a thing with a wet finger implies sto do it with great ease - applies to any highly skilled player of Arcanum: "That Plastic Couch is a true wetfinger."

    urf - stunted illgrown child - perhaps a term of endearment for dwarves used by elves??

    unpregnant - not profilic, not quick of wit - characters with low intelligence

    unky - lonesome - players who attempt to play Arcanum 'solo' (with no followers) are playing an 'unky' character.

    ugsumness - terribleness. "When it comes to MP deathmatches, Skorpios is the epitome of ugsumness."

    Tyburn-blossom - a youg thief or pickpocket

    tooth-soape - of the heads of mice being burned is made that excellent powder, for scouring and cleansing of the teeth - it will take away any filthy scent or strong savour in the mouth (again, nothing to do with Arcanum, but I always wondered what they made toothpaste from!)

    thumbassing - fumbling with the hands as if the fingers were all thumbs - a character with low dexterity or skill such as melee or lockpicking is a thumbass!

    tantrels - idle people that will not fix to any employment - in Arcanum tantrels are generalists who never master any skill, instead dabbling in all sorts

    swell-mobsman - the class of pickpockets who go about genteelly
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