Bloodlines Update #17

Discussion in 'Vampire Discussion' started by Hollywood, Sep 16, 2004.

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    Jun 24, 2003
    Now that the summer convention season is over we can get back to a semi-regular schedule of updates this fall before the game launches. I’d also like to let people know that our second set of Tim Bradstreet wallpaper based on his Nosferatu poster will be coming out soon. So stay tuned for that in the coming days. Until then, here is what Leon and the Bloodlines team had to say in response to your questions.


    1) We know there will be powerful "beings" behind our tales if/when we break the masquerade. Does this mean the game is over when you break the masquerade too much? Or will there be a slight chance for(powerful) kindred to escape, and maybe even loose them for good? Or just put them off for awhile?

    When you break the masquerade, hunters come after you - the higher your number of Masquerade violations, the more hunters. Unlike cops when you get a criminal violation, you need to kill the hunters or just avoid them forever. They're zealots, remember, they won't rest until you're dead. If you get too many Masquerade violations (5), your game is over. There are quests that you can do that will restore Masquerade points to keep from reaching the evil, game ending 5 violations.

    2) In the video on Yahoo, it seemed like Bob the Tremere only got 3/4/5 to spend on his attributes. Was this just an earlier version of the game, or do the dots mean something different now?

    Actually, the 3/4/5 was unbalancing the game, it became too easy and fast to become uber powerful. You could start the game with a feat or two nearly maxed out under the old point distribution, so we lowered it to 1/2/3.
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