A few (random) Arcanum:WIP questions

Discussion in 'Module Discussion' started by Kriztalix, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. Kriztalix

    Kriztalix New Member

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    Sep 28, 2008
    Alrighty then, I am planning on trying out A:WIP for the first time ever and have a few random questions to which I could not really find sufficiently clear answers by searching the forums. So here goes (please bear with me):

    1. I know that A:WIP apparently uses an "up-to-date-but-not-latest" version of the UAP in it. Does this have any adverse affects for someone used to using the latest version? (like any major bugs left unfixed and the like)

    2. I read in one of the topics that A:WIP allows you to continue the game after the final confrontation (heading back to Arcanum after the Void). Is this true? If it is, that alone is a reason for me to want to desperately get this as I always disliked how many games like Baldur's Gate, Fallout 2 and especially Arcanum would not let you continue after the end. And if so, does it affect anything? (Such as new dialogue with my party members or any other characters?)

    3. If indeed we may return after the end, are we really able to bring Arronax, Bane of Kree and others from the Void back with us? Also if this is the case, is Nasrudin still at the spot where he banished you and does he (or Arronax) comment on the other? (Do they interact in any way?) Also if those party members gained in the Void do come back with you, where do they go if you kick them out of the party? I know that the other characters go back to where you got them, but what of Bane of Kree and the others? Do they just stay where you kicked them out? Disappear entirely or go somewhere else?

    4. From some of the additions of the mod, is there some way to remove some of the aspects of the mod itself, such as removing the cheat/all maps options from Virgil that I read about in the A:WIP thread? Its a silly question I know, but its something I would prefer to go without and my OCD refuses to ignore the fact that the immersion breaking option is there when I speak to him (this is more my own personal failing though. Damn my OCD!)

    5. Lastly, does adding little "hack" texts to the "Rules" folder mess with the A:WIP in any way? I am referring to the Inventories "hack" that I got from the downloads that gives the shops in the game more stuff (used mostly for my Tech characters) and me adding my little spell text once in a while when I wanna play evil Overlord (editing the spell.mes to enable the old Perma Dominate/Summon exploit with Reflection/Dweomer)

    Well thats about it. Sorry if these are questions that have already been fully answered before (I honestly could not find the clear-cut answers to these specific questions and even if they were out there I would still need to make a new topic seeing as how gravedigging is viewed here heh)

    Ah, one more thing. What is this "Arcanum Atlas" I keep hearing about? I'm curious :)
  2. namad

    namad Member

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    Aug 31, 2006
    is it possible to use the highres patch with A:wip?

    is it possible to use the highres patch with A:wip?
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