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Game related downloads - patches, hacks and the manual

Looking to enhance the game experience ? Willing to add some spice to the original campaign ? Look no further, this section has it all, hacks, patches, main module expansions and the manual to put it in perspective !

Arcanum Manual

Also available online

It will answer most of your questions about how Arcanum works and which keys do what. At least give it a try before firing off a bunch of questions in the forums. Also features the Grandma Cookhill's Three Bowl Bread recipe !

Arcanum Guide

note: it is written for the pre-UAP Arcanum.

Arcanum Demo

It's worth a look, it features some cut-out content not present in the full version.

Official Patches

You need to install the 1074 patch - it fixes lots of bugs and is needed by all of the current mods. Don't ask for no-cd cracks in the forums. For previous versions, go to the Download Archives

Unofficial Patch

by Drog Black Tooth

A huge community patch that fixes dozens of bugs and restores a plenty of omitted content. You only need the latest version. For previous versions, go to the Download Archives

High Resolution Patch

by Drog Black Tooth

This patch enables Arcanum to be played in any resolution. Compatible with Arcanum, including all mods based on that version. Extra info: forum thread



The lossless edition of the Arcanum soundtrack (WAV format, 21 tracks). Further info here.

High Quality Music Pack

The soundtrack has also been converted for the in-game use. While you can download the MP3 version (320 kbps), it's also possible to use the original wave tracks in the game with the help of the small patch. Done by Drog Black Tooth, for use with the UAP.

Main Module Expansions

Arcanum Work in Progress by rroyo

A:WIP is currently the most consistent and extensive mod available. It adds new content to the original module without upsetting the game balance. On top of that, it offers a bunch of bugfixes. Current info thread is here. For previous versions, go to the Download Archives

Hard-Arcanum by Chris Beddoes

AKA polished CAR Arcanum, is a huge mod that, among many things, has reworked the combat balance (in quite unconventional ways), added some locations and... just go see the announcement.

Arcanum Equilibrium Rebalance by Leonidusx v1.12

Changes almost all weapons, armors, items, spells, monsters to rebalance Arcanum combat and make it reasonably challenging. Some entirely new spells and items such as Lycanthropy, Inferno, Tsunami, Napalm, Immunosuppressant.

Arcanum Hacks

Keep in mind that many of these hacks might refuse to work with main module expansions, and are generally not compatible with Drog's Unofficial Arcanum Patch

Arcanum Modules

Additional modules, independent of the main campaign

Looking for a new adventure ? Our assortment of Arcanum modules will keep you entertained for many evenings, featuring adventures both official and fan-made. And some in French.

The Lost Dungeon of Souls

kindly provided by Bruticis

This is the long-lost module, once available with pre-order copies of Arcanum. Info here. Original disc image available upon request.

Arcanum Troika Modules

Dusty Dunes Patch

by Team A

This patch is designed to fix the numerous bugs in the Dusty Dunes module

Arcanum Fan-Made Modules

If unsure which ones to try, consult the forums

Arcanum French Modules

Arcanum Modding

Tools and information useful for modding Arcanum

Arcanum modding is much livelier today then one could expect for such an old game. Here's a bunch of tools by which the task of creating complex quests and populated towns becomes less tedious. Feel free to go to the forums to clarify all your doubts regarding the use of these files. And if you don't know where to start - check out AMTUT.

Arcanum Modding Tutorial (AMTUT)

by DarkUnderlord

If you're new to modding Arcanum, AMTUT is where you should start learning how. This step-by-step tutorial goes from the basics to creating complex quests and alternate endings for your module. Also available online

WorldEd Manual

While AMTUT and other guides will show to how to use the editor, the manual is the only way to know WorldEd inside-out

Arcanum Factory

by FilthyJack, info here

Arcanum Modding Tools


Script editing

.dat utilities


Arcanum Modding Resources

Check out The Arcanum Resources page by DU for more info on these.

Mod Building 101 - "The Dungeon Crawl"

Dimensions of Arcanum Downloads

Dimensions of Arcanum downloads mirror. Good stuff.

This is exactly the same stuff you will find by following the link in this section. It's just here for your convenience.


visit Dimensions of Arcanum for detailed descriptions

These are various hacks that were once floating around on the net. Now they mostly just sit here, since most of the good things got implemented into larger mods. However, they can be quite fun to try.

Modding tools


All of these fixes are already implemented in A:WIP and the Unofficial Patch by Drog Black Tooth. They are provided here for historical and educational reasons.

Fan-Created Art for Use in Mods

This is art, in .art format

Here's a wide collection of art compatibile with Arcanum, supplied by the modding community.

Schematic art

Made by rroyo

This is primarily a guide for artwork substitution on schematics

Scenery pieces

Made by Arthgon

Made by rroyo

Packaged and converted into Arcanum .art format, can be viewed in the redviewer. Most come with source images

Inventory item art

Made by Arthgon

The pack contains passkeys, stimpaks, some books and a flower. Quite a selection. Preview here.

Made by rroyo

Recovered art

Made by rroyo

Arcanum Bonus Stuff

Wallpapers, screensavers and even a theme pack.

Wallpapers here provided in uncompressed .bmp format. Also featuring some cut-out content, the original Bedokaan sprites and portrait.

Arcanum Beta Stuff

The pack includes the original lizardmen sprites and the corresponding portrait for Waromon. Info here


Partially taken from


Other Troika Games

ToEE, Bloodlines and Mystary!

Altough we're mostly about Arcanum, we also provide some files and information about other games by Troika.

Temple of Elemental Evil

For more info on ToEE, visit GameBanshee or the Circle of Eight

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

You'll find a lot more on the Official site

Gameplay Video

Right-click and 'Save Link As...' In case your browser tries (and fails) to open these files directly.

Official Patch

The latest official patch (Patch 1.2 is no longer neccessary to upgrade to the latest unofficial patch!)

Unofficial Patches

The current unofficial patch is hosted by The Patches Scrolls

Tessera's unofficial patch from 2007, its primary goals were to add reliability and stability to Bloodlines. Mutually exclusive with the other unofficial patch.