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Official Patches

Soon to come - previous versions of official patches.

Unofficial Patch

by Drog Black Tooth

A huge community patch that fixes dozens of bugs and restores a plenty of omitted content. You only need the latest version. Visit the UAP page for more info.

German translation by Lexx

Be warned, they are known to be quite buggy - use at your own risk.

Extra Pack for the Unofficial Patch

by Drog Black Tooth

DISCONTINUED. Now included in the main patch, as an optional component.

Arcanum High Resolution Enabler

by Drog Black Tooth

Enables Arcanum to be run in higher resolution. Discontinued and no longer supported.

Arcanum Modules

Arcanum Work in Progress

by rroyo

A:WIP is currently the most consistent and extensive mod availiable. It adds new content to the original module without upsetting the game balance. On top of that, it offers a bunch of bugfixess. Current info thread is here.