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We're back up. Situation Normal.

Discussion in 'News Comments' started by DarkUnderlord, Apr 21, 2008.

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By DarkUnderlord on Apr 21, 2008 at 2:50 AM
  1. DarkUnderlord

    DarkUnderlord Administrator Staff Member

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    Nov 10, 2001
    All right, for those that don't know, Terra-Arcanum was hacked 2 days ago by a known vulnerability in the Coppermine Gallery that we use. The patch was released on the 12th April and a second one on the 16th of April, we got hacked on the 19th. Given there's no way in hell I'd be able to update the gallery that fast, I've disabled it for now and will look for alternative image gallery solutions.
    <br>I've just finished re-installing everything from the backups. There are likely a few files I've missed though so if you notice something that used to be there that's not, let me know.
    <br>Now, there is the chance that because of this, your forum password may have been stolen by internet thievery. I highly recommend that if you use your Terra-Arcanum password anywhere else, that you change it as soon as possible. I also recommend you change it as soon as you login again here.
    <br>Apart from that, the forums are open again and things appear to be working (minor a few things like quick reply and spoiler tags, which I'll have to install again).
    <br><strike><b>NOTE:</b> Registration of new users is currently disabled until I install the anti-bot mod. I had the forums up for literally 5 minutes and had two spambots register, one of which then posted Russian spam.</strike>
    <br><b>UPDATE:</b> Registration is all okay now.
    <br><b>UPDATE #2:</b> Whoops. Seems I b0rked the character and other databases on the site. I've now fixed those and they should work. If you spot any MySQL errors or find something that doesn't work, use the <a href="http://www.terra-arcanum.com/index.php?section=station&content=general&id=contact">contact us form</a> to let us know.
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Discussion in 'News Comments' started by DarkUnderlord, Apr 21, 2008.

    1. Wolfsbane
      Good job DU. I thought you said this'd take a week?
    2. GrimmHatter
      Unless I'm mistaken, once we're logged in, the [Profile] link at the top also takes us to your message about disabled registration. If it's supposed to do that, then how do we access our profiles in order to change passwords?
    3. Dark Elf
      Dark Elf
      You'll just have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry, but right now we are more worried about spambots swarming in on us than anything else. It should be noted that the admins have been demoted to prevent scumbags to hack the forum. That's right folks, your God has been made flesh. This is truly the Time of Troubles. :D
    4. DarkUnderlord
      DAC's also been taken offline. I just did TA first and I figured it'd take about 3 days each.

      Try now.
    5. Xiao_Caity
      I'd be happy to host the art on my DeviantArt account til the Gallery is back up. Just say the word. (And if that word's gonna be an obscenity, warn me first so I can cover the ears of the darling two year old currently living in my house. I love children. :minigun: For god's sake, help me...)
    6. papa_dog_1999
      Your not gonna ask anyone to rip out your womb, are you? (a la Kestrel)
    7. Xiao_Caity
      I was considering it, but no. I've already resolved to not have kids - I got the fucked up genetics in my family, I don't want to pass any of my problems onto a kid.

      Having said which, thanks to some of the meds I've been on, I'm not entirely sure having kids is an issue any more.
    8. stylex
      This is the gallery?
    9. Dirtman
      There you go. :)
    10. Anonymous
      Also, from the Codex:
    11. stylex
      Okay, then...
    12. The_Bob
      I sense a scheme intended to make me do more work around here...
    13. Xiao_Caity
      Seriously, someone e-mail me the art and I'll host it in my DA account till we get up and running. Otherwise we might never see that stuff again.
    14. Archmage Orintil
      Archmage Orintil
      *wonders off and eats garlic potato kebab*
      What art???
    15. stylex
      Arcanum art?
    16. Vorak
      There is no secret Admin vault filled with Arcanum treasures, its just a myth.
    17. papa_dog_1999

      *Vorak says a thing does not exist*
      *so it probably does, just not in the form you think it does*
      *Vorak says it's a myth*
      *so is the thing a myth*
      *or is the myth of the thing the myth?*
    18. Telcontar
      Just agree with him. Unless you want the "super gay" avatar.
    19. papa_dog_1999
      or even the "middle aged asian man having a brain hemorrhage" avatar. :D

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