Q: Where did the name Troika Games come from?
A: Its original meaning came into being back when Tim, Leonard and Jason were working on Fallout at Interplay. Their boss dubbed them “The Troika”, and as they continue to work together to make great games, it seemed rather fitting to keep the name. As Troika strives to create innovative, quality games, it has taken on the additional meaning of Code, Art and Design, the three things Troika considers key to a great game.

 Q: Why was Troika formed?
A: Troika was formed by Tim, Leon and Jason as a small production house dedicated to creating innovative, in-depth CRPGs. Troika’s primary focus is on the quality of the gameplay, above all else. With the additional goal of making sure that each games code, art and design come together seamlessly to create an awesome game.

 Q: Is Arcanum going to have a sequel?
A: We certainly hope so. As a first product, our publisher has decided to wait and see how it is received before they make plans to fund a sequel.

 Q: What about Fallout 3?
A: The Fallout license is owned by Interplay, and they will make any sequels. Troika has no rights to the Fallout license and therefore cannot create games using the Fallout universe.

 Q: Where can I send suggestions for games?
A: We realize that many of you have great ideas for future games, however, our company policy prevents us from accepting, or even reviewing, any unsolicited ideas. The nature of the entertainment industry is such that an idea being submitted will often be identical or similar to one already being considered or developed by us or another company. Because of this, Troika Games® has adopted the policy of refusing to accept or look at any unsolicited submissions or ideas.

 Q: What is Troika Games® copyright/trademark policy for the Internet, specifically for fan sites? Can I use Troika Games® images, text or sound on my web page? Is it ok if I use screenshots I take in-game on my web page?
A: Yes, as long as the material is being used in a non-commercial way.

 Q: Are there any legal notices and disclaimers that I need to have on my site when talking about your products?
A: Yes. Appropriate copyright and trademark notices can be acquired from here.

 Q: Can I post patches and demos of your products on my web site for download?
A: Yes, please do. Non-commercial mirroring of our patches and demos is allowed. These files can not be altered in any way, and must be whole and intact.

 Q: Can I put my own "home-made" Arcanum mods on my web site for download?
A: Yes, so long as they are not used for commercial purposes, sale or profit.


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