Cheats!!!?!?!? OMFG JOO HAX!?!?!!!!one111one!!

Discussion in 'Bloodlines Hints & Tips' started by Cap, Dec 5, 2004.

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  1. Cap

    Cap New Member

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    Dec 3, 2004

    To enable cheats go to your command line and at the end type -console. To do this you can just go right to your Vampire Bloodlines Desktop shortcut (the icon), and right click on it. You than go to Properties. From there look for Target click on that line and use the arrow keys to move all the way to the end of that line. Once there hit space once, and Type -console. Once in Game hit the ~ button to bring up the console this console functions very much the same as the Half-life 1 and 2 console do.

    Here are a few codes to have fun with

    Code & Effect':

    giftxp <#> - Gives desired exp

    Impulse 101 - Gives most items and weapons

    give item_w_ - UP & DOWN arrows to cycle through weapons

    give item_p_ - UP & DOWN arrows to cycke through Occult items

    give item_a_ - UP & DOWN arrows to cycle through armour

    noclip - can go through walls,floors,ceilings, etc.

    blood <#> - Sets blood to any amout you want (default: 15)

    god - Im sure you get this one alredy

    money <#> - Increase breast size of certain Females

    vstats get <stat> <#> - Set intened attribute (eg. Potence,Dexterity)

    notarget - Invisable to all NPC's

    sv_gravity <#> - set Gravity level, the lower the higer you jump and farther your enimes fly. (default sv_gravity 800)

    sv_unlag <#> - makes game run faster and smoother at very,very little cost in looks, the higer the better, (only works up to 50)

    NOTE: you will always have to re-type a cheat in every time you start the game, it does not save with your gamefile.

    Now to tell you about cheating... It completely ruins the point of the whole game if you use something like 'giftxp 6000' and fill up your stats all the way. I have only used giftxp for when starting a new game. up to 30 points I giv emy self. To give my char that extra 'ommph' I have never used 'noclip' unless I had a tough situation where I had got stuck.

    now useing something like 'sv_gravity' Is just good clean fun, especially when you knock some one off their feet :D, I wouldnt recamend going below 400 though or else it gets annoying after awhile.

    While useing the cheats to get money. I do not know yet and have not discoverd how, If I do I will report it back here ASAP

    Like I said useing some cheats will ruin your fun during the game so dont go blaming me if tou lose interest.


    -Cap teh secks wabbit :p
  2. Naked_Lunch

    Naked_Lunch New Member

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    Dec 12, 2004
    Calm down on the caps and Aolspeak, buddy

    Oh, and thanks for the cheats! :D
  3. magikot

    magikot Well-Known Member

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    Aug 29, 2003
    Forgive the severe gravedigging (though there are only 13 threads in this entire subforum...) but here is a really powerful cheat that doesn't involve the command console that works with the official 1.2 patch.

    First open the file "Program Files\Activision\Vampire\cfg\config.cfg" in notepad and add the following line to the bottom: vchar_edit_histories "1"

    Next start a new game and select option 2 to build a character how you wish.

    Select your clan and gender and then click next to assign your starting "dots" to your character sheet. When you are done assigning click the Base option in the top left (it's next to Sheet).

    When back at the Base screen, change your character history to something that changes either your attributes (the physical, social, mental traits) or your abilities (the talents, skills, knowledges traits).

    Click Sheet again and assign more free dots!! A great way to max out essential attributes like Dexterity, Charisma, and Intellect, as well as the sneaking, scholarship, and various other abilities. Lastly, since you get a new discipline dot you can max out one of your clan disciplines!!

    A few cautions:

    Sometimes when selecting a History the game will crash and you'll need to start all over again (which isn't too bad since you are only at character creation, it's just annoying). This should be fixed with the unofficial patch, but I haven't tried it yet.

    Also, make sure that you can assign all your starting dots because if you completely max out an attribute group (such as Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina in the Physical group), or an ability group (such as Computer, Finances, Scholarship, and Investigation in the Knowledges group) but still have dots left over you won't be able to finish character creation and will need to restart the game and try again which is really annoying.
  4. GrimmHatter

    GrimmHatter Active Member

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    Dec 27, 2006
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