My mod trying to fix issues with magic, tech and other things

Discussion in 'Modding and Scripting Support' started by t-roll, Feb 14, 2019.

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  1. t-roll

    t-roll New Member

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    Apr 30, 2017
    Hey guys this is my first mod for Arcanum.

    This mod attempts to fix some issues with the game spells, tech and adds some more cut content and crafting dialogue to some followers. I tried my best to make a high quality well tested mod. Is a mod after all and it's supposed to change the game. I pulled from various sources such as Equillibrium, Grand Fix and Multiverse but it aims to stay as close as possible to UAP extra content and default game.

    My decisions are actually based from what you guys posted in this forum. I been reading about useless spells and the issue with tech and guns being underpowered and how Balanced and Compound Bow upgrades are downgrades and a few suggestions Drog made on how to fix some issues with the game.

    version 3 up

    tech only changes. i reverted and further refined my changes. added new items such as Arrow schematics, Transportation staff (teleport for Tech), restored Bellringer also you get 2 now, ported backgrounds from Multiverse back into UAP,

    I tried to keep my edits very minimal. I only changed what was necessary. I did not change most of the mid-late weapons only the earlier ones. Is a complete rework of my prev mod so nothing carries over.

    This mod also brings a slight nerf to Balanced Sword 15 speed and slighty nerf to Pyro Axe 20-50 from 30-50 damage the avg damage went down by 5 . This was based on suggestions by Drog and others discussion issues with certain weapons in the game. But on the flipside I improved most of the firearms boosted Envenomed Sword speed and boosted Envenomed Bow normal damage.

    Same dl as below but v3 instead.

    No magic rework in this version. I took extra time to get things right.

    version 1

    Spell changes:
    Some spells and ideas are borrowed from Equillibrium but I did not like how he changed the name for every single spell and added a lot of damage spells.

    Issues i identified:
    - Harm OP FIXED
    - Ogre summon is actually best summon FIXED
    - Elemental boost Spells stacking such as having 3 Agility of Fire FIXED
    - Only 2 elemental boost spells are useful fire and earth Str and Dx FIXED
    - Water and Air Elementals are trash unchanged (i figure some of these are damage blockers but reduced their cost to 25 instead of 50)

    What changed:
    - Morph now you can shape shift in various forms like Tiger, Demon and technological Orc (to play Hybrid builds). Demon is pretty strong if you're melee and gets hardened hands bonus. Tech orc gets bonus tech like +40 and about 3 or so ranks on all tech skills and can wear barbarian armor and plate and wield most weapons.
    - I added Meditate from equillibrium in Divination to help the entire non mechanical/non undead/non dead party members regain Fatigue. Also moved the identify spell on 3rd.
    - I moved all the summons TO Summon college and moved Ogre as last since is best summon. Familiar is now first.
    - Sanctuary is replaced with Mass Heal spell
    - Summon Phantasm beast now becomes h Agony which supposed to deal high fatigue damage (but I forgot to change dmg type).
    - I also replaced Succor with Bark Skin +40 dr. Succor was moved to Summon college.
    - Hellgate and Phantasm Beast removed.
    - I moved the Insect Swarm summon to level 1 Necromantic and Harm is level 3 and cost 15 but same damage so is not as spam-able as before.
    - I also fixed the audio order so that my spells get the appropriate fx
    - Elemental spells no longer stack. Also Air gives Perception and Water gives Charisma.

    Other fixes:
    - adds crafting dialogue for Virgil and Mead Mug instead of I wanna know more about you.
    - Changed the reaction names from Courteous to Friendly because I kept seeing all these pigs and chickens marked as courteous


    I split the mod in various modules you can pick and choose what you want to install

    Schematic changes:

    Spike trap is now Bellringer and Bear Trap is Mechanical Dagger. Spiked Trap and Bear trap schematics can be bought now.

    Bellringer cut content device that makes NPCs attack it when thrown. To use you wanna pick it up with the mouse in Inventory then click on the top corner on your character to go back to game then click somewhere to throw it. All the nearby enemies will move to target location and attack it for about 1-3 minutes then will remain in that location until their AI package moves them. If the AI package never moves them they remain there forever. Note that most NPcs have a sleep cycle so they will eventually reset location.

    Firearms and tech changes

    All firearms get 2 to 3 times the damage and slower speed (this should fix the Firearms being shit and bullet consumption issues). I have also changed the tech sword and bow because they didn't feel like upgrades of one another.

    Balanced Sword 14 speed (previously 18) -> Charged, Envenomed speed upped to 14 same as balanced which they are built from (prev was 8 wtf)
    Compound Bow same -> Envenomend / Pyrotechic bow have the same damage as Compound + fire so they feel like upgrades

    Firearms damage change criteria
    0. Shotguns get a speed of 1-2 min unchanged - max * 3.5 or 4 depends
    1. Revolvers min * 2 - max * 3 speed -2 if normal or -4 is rusted
    2. Flintlock min * 3 - max * 3 speed 1/2
    3. Automatic guns spd > 6 less than 11 min * 2 - max * 2 else if spd > 10 unchanged
    4. Late game op weapons Elephant Gun, Tesla etc.. min * 2 - max * 2 Tesla Gun is min * 2.5 max * 2.5. This results in Tesla Gun being about 30 - 120 damage where as Tesla is 20 - 80. Elephant gun max damage is like 100 or something ridiculous and all the Canons are in the vicinity of max 90 damage I can't fuly remember.
    5. Browych Gun is special it has all damages * 2
    6. the other Static whatever is called gun has a fixed electric * 1.5 which becomes 30 - 30 damage that's it no other damage changed

    I could not find Hushed Revolver and I may have missed one. I thoroughly checked and tested everything but you never know.

    NOTE katana damage was nerfed to 10 from 12. This is because you will find posts such as Why use X Katana is better all over the forum. Nerfing katana will help reduce it's dominance. I may increase the attack speed to something higher maybe 18 like balanced sword used to be. will provide the proto name at some point so you can omit this change if you don't want to but I think the change is welcome to make all weapons viable including Katana.

    Requires UAP WITH extended content. Originally I was making it for Multiverse but they started changing too many things. It includes the launcher and config from multiverse and the no noise and no movie DAT files. Also btw Multiverse as well as the mod it incorporates Grand Fix has some bonus restored content such as Folding Rifle, Charged Automaton which is some kind of automaton that you can manually upgrade as well as bonus schematics such as crafting Arrows and a Teleportation staff for tech that uses charges instead of fatigue. Some of these made their way into Multiverse and some did not. I know that Charged Automaton is called Gunner Automaton in multiverse. I am gonna port some of this content back into UAP.

    Multiverse makes too many changes to the game and they are increasing their changes such as making Charged Axe require charges now. Their changes are no longer in line with the original game.

    DL here
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  2. t-roll

    t-roll New Member

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    Apr 30, 2017
    One omission Agony was supposed to deal fatigue damage not actual damage oops. Agony is supposed to cause great stress and reduce fatigue of target that cannot resist. YOu can manually change this go to SpellList.mes in rules and change at line 4405 DmgType from Dmg_Normal to Dmg_Magic this will deal fatigue damage. Should deal 20-40 fatigue.
  3. t-roll

    t-roll New Member

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    Apr 30, 2017
    For next version I'd like to add some more cut content like the Poison spell for level 3 and move Harm back to 1 and maybe port Gunner Automaton from Multiverse which appears to be an automaton that can be manually upgraded. Not sure exactly how it works. Grand Fix also has the folding rifle restored I'd like to port that too if possible. And I was looking for a way to get some kind of Teleport for tech maybe as some kind of time space folding device that uses charges every use Grand Fix has an item like that well see if is possible to add it in. Also I'd like to add the levered gun into a schematic not sure if is possible because was never meant to have a schematic.

    Would also be nice to add arrow schematic something cheap metal shavings etc.

    But right now i'm busy with school and life so who knows when next version will come around.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
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