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WorldEd Version 1070 is the version of WorldEd that came with the first Arcanum patch. Since that time, Troika, the Creation Gods of Arcanum have released a later, more up to date patch, version 1074. However, whilst the latest patch was most welcome in that it fixed many in-game bugs, the patch also changed a few things in WorldEd, the main tool used by Arcanum ModMakers when creating a module.

What did the New Patch 1074 Fix?
One of the many problems that was fixed by the latest patch was the ability for Masters of Repair to repair completely destroyed items. In patch 1070, this is not fixed and Masters of Repair can not repair such badly damaged items. The good thing about patch 1074 is that it does fix this problem. There are many other things that the latest patch fixes as well, however, there was one change that many Arcanum ModMakers found unwelcome. That change was made to WorldEd...

What's Wrong with the New WorldEd? (Patch Version 1074)
Well, the old 1070 version of WorldEd enabled a modmaker to open their mod, make a small change, save the small change quickly and then test that new addition in Arcanum to see if it worked. With the latest 1074 patch, making such small changes becomes slightly more time consuming. This is because WorldEd Version 1074 works ONLY with compressed '.dat' files of modules. It DOES NOT read the OLD folder structure that was present in Version 1070. This means that every time WorldEd is opened, it must uncompress the '.dat' file of your module. Then you can make the change before you have to compress your module again and test it in Arcanum. This can be quite time consuming when you are constantly making small changes (to test that they worked) and opening WorldEd, waiting for the uncompression, making the change and then closing WorldEd, waiting for the module to be compressed and then loading Arcanum.

However, that is not the biggest problem. When you reach the stage of editing the '.mes' files that are associated with your module to add in books, notes and telegrams, you will wish you had the OLD 1070 Version of WorldEd. Why? Well, because Version 1074 compresses your mod whenever you quit, it means that these '.mes' files are compressed into your mod. The only way to edit them then is to open up WorldEd, load your module, wait for it to uncompress and then edit the '.mes' files from the menu. Version 1070 of WorldEd was much simpler in that, as WorldEd did not compress your mod every time you quit, you were able to keep your mod as an uncompressed group of folders. This meant that to edit a '.mes' file, you did not have to load WorldEd. Instead, you merely browsed to your modules' folder in Windows Explorer (or some other such file management program) and double-clicked on the appropriate '.mes' file to open it, make any necessary additions or alterations and then save and close the file. A process that is much faster than waiting for WorldEd to constantly load, uncompress and compress again every time you need to make a simple change (such as fixing a spelling error) in any books that you may have written.

So what do I do to fix WorldEd Then?
If you HAVE installed the latest patch (Version 1074) then:
1. Download the old Version of WorldEd.exe (Version 1070) (772 kb)
2. Rename 'WorldEd.exe' in your 'Arcanum' directory to 'WorldEd2.exe' (or even better, just delete it)
3. Unzip the old version of WorldEd.exe (Version 1070) (772 kb) that you just downloaded, into the 'Arcanum' directory
4. Whenever you edit your mods, use 'WorldEd.exe' (the OLD version) and completely ignore 'WorldEd2.exe' (the NEW version)

If you don't have the NEW patch and would like it, download it from the official web-site here:

If you have NOT installed the latest patch (Version 1074) then:
1. You can either download and install the latest patch (Version 1074) then follow the above steps
2. OR, you can keep using the old patch (Version 1070)

If you don't have the OLD patch and would like it, download it from here:
Arcanum Patch 1070 (English Version) (2.2 mb)

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