V2.1 - 4/03/03



New in V2.1


The Basics

V1.4 - What kind of game is The Temple of Elemental Evil?
V1.9 - What makes this game better than other PC DnD games?
V1.9 - How long will it be?
V2.1 - Will there be a time limit to complete the main quest?
V1.5 - How many CDs will the game be?
V2.1 - How difficult is the game on the normal settings?
V2.1 - What is the target ESRB rating?
V1.9 - When is the expected release date?
V1.5-  When will a website or in-game screenshots be released?
V1.5 - Who is publishing the game?
V1.4 - Will there be a demo? If so, when will it be released?
V1.9 - Will there be any sort of external beta test?

Thoughts on Design

V1.9 - In what development stage is the game in now?
V1.9 - What programming milestones have you reached?
V1.9 - How much has changed in the game since the Gamespy preview?
V2.0 - Why is there a delay on releasing screen shots?
V1.9 - What was the biggest challenge while making this game?
V2.0 - What issues caused the most disputes among the developers?
V1.8 - What aspect of the D&D rules has been the hardest to implement?
V1.6 - Why isn't there any multi-player?
V2.1 - What game engine is ToEE using?
V1.6 - Why did Troika go with 3D characters?   
V1.4 - Why were prerendered backgrounds chosen instead of a tile based engine?
V1.4 - How has the original pen-and-paper module been changed?
V1.9 - Where any areas of the module trimmed away in order to translate it to a CRPG?
V1.7 - How closely are the developers following the module's design of the actual Temple of Elemental Evil?
V1.7 - How complex can the traps and puzzles in the game be made?


V1.0 - What's the game about?


Controls and Shortcuts

V1.8 - Will there be a zoom option?
V1.0 - Can you assign a group of characters to a selection hotkey?
V1.0 - Will there be a hotkey to highlight dropped items (ala D2, Dungeon Siege, IWD2)?
V1.0 - Do you support right-clicking as a shortcut for buying/selling?

User Interface

V1.9 - Will there be an in-game map, and can notes be placed on it?
V1.3 - How will magic spells be accessed?
V2.0 - Will there be auto-cast routines for defensive spells?
V1.0 - Will items have a help screen associated with them that tells you what they do?
V1.7 - How does the ToEE journal compare to other CRPGs with journals?
V2.1 - Will the journal keep track of which quests you've solved or botched?
V1.3 - Can you toggle the user interface on/off or resize it?
V1.0 - Will there be a fixed dialog box, or will we have Arcanumish bubble-boxes?
V1.0 - Will the scrollback buffer be long enough to hold an entire combat session?
V1.0 - Will you be able to assign spells and skills to quickslots? If so, how ma quickslots are we going to have?

Combat Interface

V1.7 - Will we be able to tell how badly the enemy is hurt?
V1.7 - Will we be able to see our paths before we move in combat?
V1.0 - Will we be able to see what percentage chance we have to hit a target with melee and ranged attacks?
V1.0 - Will we be able to see if our ranged attack will have a distance penalty assigned to it?
V1.0 - Will the game have a square combat grid visible?
V1.0 - Can you tell us some of the combat data that will be represented in the interface?
V1.6 - Will there be highlighted ranges for Area of Effect spells?

Game Appearance

V2.1 - What is being done to facilitate the feeling that the environment is dynamic and interactive?
V1.5 - Will there be any custom animations for certain feat attacks?
V1.6 - If an enemy misses one of our PCs, will we see the PC dodge?
V1.0 - Will there be idle animations for models?
V2.0 - Will there be animations of characters drawing their weapons?
V1.9 - Will there be any trademark "Troika Gory Death Animations"? ("Riddled With Bullets!")
V1.6 - Will we see any blood and gore?
V1.4 - Is the environment is 100% static?
V1.0 - Does the game map support elevations, or is everyone stuck on the ground?
V1.3 - Can we customize our character's appearance?
V1.4 - Will we get to adjust our characters skin/hair tone?
V1.4 - If my character is equipped with full plate AND cloak, will the avatar display the cloak or just the plate?

Option Screen

V2.0 - Will ToEE support dual monitors?
V1.9 - Will the game use full-screen anti-aliasing (FSAA)?
V2.0 - Can we turn off full-screen anti-aliasing in order to improve font readability?
V1.9 - Will the game have an option to run in a window?
V1.8 - Will it be possible to export/import characters?
V2.1 - Will there be an Ironman mode?
V2.1 - Will there be a difficulty select (other than Ironman)?
V1.8 - Will there be a 'Heart of Fury' mode?
V1.8 - Will the game use EAX?
V1.0 - Can we turn animations off to speed up the game?
V1.0 - Will there be an option to resize the dialog font?
V1.0 - Will the game default to running at the same refresh rate as the desktop?

Loading and Saving

V1.0 - What in-game criteria affects map load times?
V1.0 - Can we save anywhere and at any time?
V1.0 - Can we save the game even if we've cast persistent area effect spells or are in the process of casting spells?
V1.0 - Will there be only one quicksave slot, or will the game generate new quicksaves on each quicksave made?
V1.0 - Will there be an autosave option for Ironman mode?


V1.0 - What are the minimum system requirements?
V1.0 - What are the QA's testing on?
V1.0 - What resolutions will the game run in?
V1.0 - Can we tweak the game to run better on our machine?
V1.0 - Is there anything we can do to improve the game performance?


General Actions

V1.7 - Can multiple PCs cooperate to perform a task (like healing)?
V1.7 - Can we Jump? Climb? Ride?
V1.6 - Will a cleric be able to instantly harm or heal, based on their deity?
V1.4 - Is tracking implemented in the game?
V1.0 - Will doors be re-closable? Bashable? Lockable (by you)?
V1.0 - Will you be able to set your own traps?
V1.4 - How is resting handled?
V1.0 - Can we rest anywhere?
V1.4 - Will there be any other ways to ensure a "safe rest" in the field?
V1.1 - Will pick pocketing be implemented? If so, how will it work?
V1.0 - Wouldn't a quest that you can only get by randomly pick pocketing some guy be cool?


V1.7 - Can you split your party up and explore the map with a single character?
V1.0 - How will moving between map areas be handled?
V1.0 - Will there be formations? If so, will you be able to rotate the formation?
V1.0 - Can you set waypoints?.
V1.0 - If I wanted my party to go to that far away shop, would each character path his/her own way? Or do they play "follow the leader"?
V1.0 - Will any steps be taken to help reduce travel through cleared dungeon levels?
V1.0 - Do fast characters move fast outside of combat, too?


Magic Spells

V2.1 - How many spells can we expect to see?
V1.8 - Will there be cantrips (0th level spells)?
V1.0 - Will any spells higher than the 5th level be implemented?
V2.1 - Will all the spells be useful, or will there be a bunch of duds?
V2.1 - Will every casting class and clerical domain have enough unique spells to cast?

V2.1 - Where is Otto's Irresistible dance? Leomund's Secure Shelter and Secret Chest? Tenser's floating disc?
V2.1 - Why were spells like light left out?
V2.1 - Will the wall spells make it in?
V2.1 - Why were the illusion spells left out?

V2.0 - Will the cleric spell "Sanctuary" be in the game?
V2.1 - What other spells have a chance of making it in?
V1.8 - Will Summon Monster and Summon Nature's Ally be separate spells?

Spellcasting and Magic Effects

V2.1 - How will the teleport spell work?
V2.1 - How does dimension door differ from teleport?

V2.1 - Will certain spells have costs other than memorizing a spell?
V2.1 - Can we use counterspells to cancel an enemy mage's spells?
V2.1 - Can we get a damage bonus by using a touch-based spell while sneaking?

V1.0 - Can all the spells in the game be cast instantly on the caster's turn?
V2.0 - Will clerical spontaneous casting be allowed?
V1.8 - Can we choose what we summon?
V1.8 - Will the player have full tactical control over summoned creatures?
V1.8 - Do summoned creatures have any effect on the amount of experience gained from the combat?
V1.0 - If outside of combat I cast a buff spell that has a duration of 1 round, how many seconds will it last? 6? 10?
V1.0 - Will dispel magic work on persistent area effect spells (grease)?

Magical Abilities

V2.0 - Will turn undead and rebuke undead be implemented?
V1.4 - Will there be familiars?
V1.4 - Will familiars keep the [gold] requirement?
V1.9 - Will the feats like "Maximize Spell" and "Empower Spell" be in the game?

Magical Errata

V2.0 - Will there be psionics?
V1.0 - In Greyhawk, will spellbooks (for us wizards) actually be an item?
V1.0 - Will you be able to add spells to your spellbook?
V1.0 - Isn't there a 1d3 roll when finding a scroll to determine the number of spells on it? If so, is this implemented into to Greyhawk: ToEE?
V1.0 - Are there any cool spell effects that aren't common in other DnD PC games?



V1.4 - Will the game offer turn-based combat?
V1.4 - Will there be an option for real-time combat as well as turn-based?
V1.4 - How tactical will combat be?
V1.0 - How long will combat take?
V1.7 - Is there a time-limit per turn in combat?
V1.9 - Will there be an auto-combat feature to resolve easy battles?
V2.0 - Can we modify the AI combat scripts for our characters?
V1.0 - Will combat be initiated if your sneaking character gets near an unsuspecting hostile? If not, will there be a surprise round?
V1.0 - Will proper movement speeds be used during combat? (racial, encumbrance, armour)
V1.4 - Can we perform combat actions or feats while we're not engaged with an enemy?
V1.0 - Will your ranged attackers have a chance to nail the teammate they are standing behind?

Basic Attack Rules and Options

V2.1 - Can we wield a one-handed weapon with both hands?
V2.1 - Will switching hands or putting a weapon away to cast a spell count as a free action?
V2.1 - How will two-handed wielding of one-handed weapons work with weapon finesse or deflect arrows?
V2.0 - How are reach & threatened areas determined in combat?
V1.9 - Is there a grid to see exactly what areas are threatened?
V1.6 - Will there be attacks of opportunity?
V1.6 - Can we use cover and elevation to our advantage?
V1.4 - Can our PCs lie down to increase their defense against ranged attacks?
V2.1 - Will there be penalties for firing ranged weapons at creatures in melee combat?

V1.0 - Can we delay a PC's turn in the initiative order?
V1.0 - Can we drop an equipped weapon to the ground as a free action?
V1.0 - Is subdual damage implemented?
V1.0 - Will flanking be properly implemented?

Special Attack Rules and Options

V2.1 - Will the monk ability "flurry of blows" be implemented?
V1.5 - Will there be any house rules like massive damage or damage to specific areas?
V1.0 - Can we make readied actions?
V1.0 - Is the feat quickdraw planned to be in?
V1.0 - Can drawing a weapon be combined with a move as a move equivalent action if your [Base Attack Bonus] is at least +1?
V1.0 - Can we use quickdraw to sheathe a drawn weapon as a free action?
V1.0 - Will the cleave feat be implemented?
V1.0 - Can we use the bluff skill to feint in combat?
V1.0 - Is bullrushing in?
V1.0 - What about charging and running in combat?
V2.1 - Is there grappling? Pinning? The option to try and use escape artist to wriggle free?
V1.7 - Will disarm and trip be attack options?
V1.0 - Can we combine trip as an [attack of opportunity] or cleave attack? Or even as part of whirl wind attack?


V1.8 - Do flaming weapons have to have their Flaming affect activated with a command word?
V1.9 - Will there be Reach Weapons, such as the Glaive? What about the spiked chain, which has a range of 10 feet AND 5 feet?
V1.0 - Will non-humanoid monsters have their proper attacks? i.e., 2 claw slashes and a bite attack as their full attack?
V1.0 - Will there be any exotic weapons?


V1.0 - Will enemies be pre-placed on the map?
V1.8 - Will enemies respawn?
V1.0 - Will there be any random battles?
V1.0 - Will enemies in random battles sometimes surround/ambush you?
V1.0 - Can you catch a roaming band of enemies unaware?
V1.0 - Can you prevent random encounters in some way?
V1.0 - Will there be any special random encounters?

Enemies and Tactics

V2.1 - Does the AI have any strategy tricks up its sleeve?
V1.6 - Will enemies avoid pathing options that lead them into ambushes?
V1.0 - Will melee enemies be smart enough not to chase after your fastest moving character, who is running in circles?
V1.0 - Will enemies be smart enough to open a closed door?
V1.0 - Will Monsters have random HP?


The World of Greyhawk

V1.8 - What sort of locations and setting will the player get to see in the game?
V1.9 - Will the in-game events that take place be inconsequential to the world of Greyhawk as a whole?
V1.6 - What kind of monsters are in the game?
V1.0 - How many types of monsters are there?
V1.6 - Will the game keep some of the monsters found in the PnP module (elementals, juggernauts, fungi)?
V1.8 - Will there be beholders?
V1.4 - How many different towns/locations will we see in the game aside from Hommlet and the Temple itself?
V1.7 - How many NPCs (in total) will be in the game?
V2.1 - Are there going to be factions? If so, how many will there be?
V1.8 - Will monsters of opposing factions fight it out?
V1.4 - How is PC death handled in the game?
V2.0 - Are there situations/status conditions where you are unable to be resurrected?
V1.6 - Will there be any NPCs that perform important tasks for you?
V1.8 - What types of coins are used in the game?
V2.0 - Will there be any romance in Greyhawk?
V2.1 - Are parts of the game funny?
V2.1 - Will there be a shop that sells super-powerful items?

NPC Interaction

V2.1 - Will NPCs wander around the map?
V1.9 - Will your party interact with each other?
V1.9 - Will there be special dialogs for stupid characters (ala Arcanum)?
V1.4 - Can we rely solely upon speech skills to get through the game?
V1.0 - Will we be able to tag a diplomat character as the default talker for speech events?
V1.0 - Are there any forced dialogs?
V1.0 - Will languages be incorporated into ToEE?
V2.1 - If I kill Jim Bob of Hommlet, will Joe Bob, located halfway across town, know about it?
V2.1 - Will there be any NPCs that are "forced to die" in a cutscene or script?
V1.7 - Will different classes have different dialog options?
V1.0 - In dialogs, does the alignment of your diplomat character count? Or is everything based on your party alignment?
V2.0 - What else counts in NPC dialogs?
V2.0 - How do we know what skill is being used in our dialog responses?

Reputation and Alignment

V1.6 - You'll be able to pick your party's alignment, correct? - (Tim Cain's struggle with neutrality.)
V1.7 - Other than dialog options, what will keep the rest of the game tailored to your choice of party alignment?
V1.0 - Aside from the party alignment, is there any sort of reputation system that affects how much people like you?
V1.4 - Can you actually play as a villain, or are you stuck playing as a goodie-two-shoes?
V1.0 - If you play an evil party, can you have a spotless reputation?
V1.0 - Will you be able to change (or be forced to change) your alignment during the game?


V2.1 - How many followers (NPCs) can join your party?
V2.0 - If I have a party of 4 PCs, can I hire 4 NPC followers?

V1.4 - How many different followers are there that you can pick-up?
V2.1 - Will the icons from the PHB be used as follower portraits?
V1.8 - Will friendly fire make your followers hostile?
V2.0 - When an NPC dies, do we have to carry his/her body back to the temple?
V2.0 - Do you get EXP for killing your NPCs?
V2.0 - Would NPCs you kill still be hostile if you raise them from the dead? 

V1.7 - Will there be any chances to pick up new NPC's within the Temple?
V1.7 - Who in the party will NPC followers actually follow?
V2.1 - Will there be a canine NPC companion available?
V1.0 - Do NPCs level up? Do they share/steal your EXP?
V2.1 - Can you control the NPC follower's actions?
V2.1 - Can you see an NPC follower's stats and skills?
V2.1 - Can you access an NPC follower's inventory?
V1.4 - Can you instruct followers to use non lethal attacks?
V2.0 - Will any of the NPCs fight each other (physically)?
V2.1 - Are there any other NPC quirks worth mentioning?

Beginnings and Endings

V1.4 - How will the game begin?
V1.7 - What is the average length (playing time wise) of a starting vignette?
V1.7 - How well do the vignettes flow into the rest of the game?
V2.1 - Will there be other PCs our characters have to compete with to beat the game first?
V1.0 - What happens when you beat the game?
V1.0 - Once you beat the game and the slides roll, can you keep playing it?
V1.0 - Can we kill everyone and still beat the game?


V1.3 - How does time progress in the game?
V2.1 - Will there be any livestock to terrorize, and will we get EXP for doing so?
V1.4 - Will there be ride-able horses or any other mounts?


Personal Inventory

V1.0 - Will we be able to drop/sell important quest items?
V1.0 - How does inventory work? Is it like Arcanum? based on weight? size?
V1.0 - So a full-plate armour will take up the same space in the backpack as a ring?
V1.6 - What item slots are there on the paper doll inventory?
V1.0 - Is there an autopack feature?
V1.0 - Will keys show up in your inventory?
V1.0 - Will some items (gold, gems, ammo) be considered weightless?

Item Types

V2.1 - Will be there be jaunty hats?
V2.1 - Will there be skull caps for clerics?
V1.9 - Will some of the Rogue fun toys make it in: tangle-foot bags, thunderstones, etc?
V2.0 - Will caltrops be implemented?
V1.7 - Will there be any potions or scrolls that permanently rise your stats?
V1.7 - Will there be any ultra-powerful items?
V1.0 - Are bucklers supported?
V1.0 - Will there be teleport items? If not, can I beg you on my hands and knees for them? If that doesn't work, will you accept bribes?
V1.0 - Will there be tomes that tell more about the history of Greyhawk?
V1.0 - Will there be containers (i.e. bags of holding)?

Item Handling

V1.4 - Will all found items be in specific places or will there be some kind of random generated treasure/items?
V1.0 - Will items you drop on the ground remain on the ground forever?
V1.0 - Do you have to search bodies for loot, or does loot just drop off when you kill something?
V1.0 - Will merchants have static inventories, or will they be randomized to an extent?
V1.0 - Will money be useful, or will you end up with more gold than you can spend?

Item Identification

V1.5 - How does the item identification work?
V1.6 - Will we be able to tell if we have a magical item before we identify it?
V1.6 - Can we equip unidentified items?
V1.6 - Will we have to have crushed pearls, wine, and an owl feather to use the Identify spell (like in the core rules)?
V1.0 - If I had an intelligent wizard who trained in [the item identifying skills], will he ever run into an item he can't identify?

Item Creation

V1.4 - Can we create our own custom items?
V1.8 - What kind of items can we make?
V1.8 - Can we name the items we create?
V2.1 - Can we augment a monk's unarmed attack by making enhanced boots or gloves?
V1.8 - Can we make a "Dagger +1, Flaming, Returning"?
V1.8 - Is the EXP cost of creating items going to match the PnP D&D values?
V1.8 - Can other characters "assist" the item creator and contribute EXP?
V1.4 - Will you have to wait weeks to finish creating a magic item (like 3E)?


Character Basics

V2.1 - What level do your characters start at?
V1.9 - Can we make a party that's totally inept/unskilled and still beat the game?
V1.1 - Will die rolls be used to determine your starting ability scores, or will a point buy system be used?
V1.0 - How many characters can you create?
V1.0 - What skills are in the game?
V1.7 - How will skill synergies be handled?
V2.1 - How many feats are in the game?

Character Races

V1.8 - What sort of playable races will be available in the game?
V1.0 - Will all sexes be playable for all the races?
V1.0 - Will there be any ECL races?
V1.7 - Would it be possible for Troika to include ECL race portraits?
V1.4 - Will there be any subraces?
V2.1 - Why were Drow left out of the available race list?
V1.0 - Will there be plane touched races (Aasimar and Tieflings)?

Character Classes

V1.0 - What classes will be in the game?
V1.4 - What is a prestige class?
V1.3 - Will there be prestige classes?
V1.4 - What sources were considered when deciding which prestige classes were in the game?
V1.4 - Since some prestige classes have high requirements, what will be done to make them available?
V1.9 - Will bards be able to play instruments or perform?
V1.8 - Will wizard school specialization make it in?
V2.0 - Which deities can clerics (or anyone else) worship in the game?
V2.0 - If a character worshipping "NONE" multi-classes to a cleric, does he/she get to choose a deity?

V2.0 - Have clerical domains been implemented yet?
V2.0 - Will any of the prestige clerical domains make it in?
V1.4 - Will clerics of opposing deities be allowed in the same party?
V1.5 - Since few fighter class skills will make it into the game, will they get some cross-class skills assigned to them (intimidate)?


General Rule Questions

V1.8 - Will the game be based on the old 3E rules or the new D&D 3.5E rules?
V1.9 - How close to the core rules are you trying to stick to?
V1.6 - How closely do you follow the updated 3E source material?
V1.6 - Will there be any feats taken from material outside the core rules?
V1.0 - Will ToEE contain anything from the Book of Vile Darkness?

Leveling and Experience

V2.1 - How does the game calculate EXP awards?
V1.9 - How does the game resolve combat-based EXP awards?
V2.1 - Will combat and non-combat options have balanced EXP awards?
V1.0 - Will ToEE follow the DnD challenge rating (CR) tables for EXP awards?
V2.1 - Will there be a level cap?
V1.8 - If I have 4 characters at the level 10 cap, and one character at level 9, will the level 9 character get all the EXP, or just their share of it?
V1.8 - Will characters continue to gain EXP after they hit the level 10 cap, but just not be able to level up?
V1.9 - At what level will the average party be at when they reach the final part of the game?
V2.1 - Will there be combat situations that are challenging for a max-level party?

Rule Clarifications

V1.4 - In 3E rules, a spellcaster only has to make one concentration check a round to avoid attacks of opportunities, is this true in ToEE?
V1.4 - Will you be able to use weapons you're not proficient in?
V1.0 - If a character multiclasses from a cleric to a paladin, does he get two turnings?
V1.0 - Will the proper 3rd edition bonus stacking rules be implemented?


Manuals and Boxed Goodies

V1.0 - Who's writing the manual?
V1.0 - What will the manual focus on?
V1.8 - Will the manual have a table of contents? An index?
V1.4 - Will there be a collector's edition?
V1.5 - Will the game CDs come in jewel cases or paper envelopes?

Voice Acting and Audio

V1.4 - Who is in charge of the audio?
V1.9 - What type of background music will be used in the game?
V1.9 - Will the music be available on a separate disk to play?
V1.0 - Will there be voice acting?
V1.0 - What characters will have voice acting?


V1.3 - Who's Who on the Troika team?
V1.0 - Will the game continue to undergo polishing after the game's been released?
V1.9 - Will the Troika/ToEE site get any more facelifts?
V1.0 - What language are you writing the gamecode in?
V1.5 - Is there any news about Troika's other project?
V1.0 - Is there any friendly competition at Troika between your team and the team working on the other, unmentioned, game?
V1.0 - Are the two teams separate, or is there a bit of mingling whenever you/they need help in a pinch?
V1.0 - When you get ToEE out the door, is your team going to merge with the other team to help get that other game finished? Or will you start on a sequel?


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