As you undoubtedly know, Magick is the art of breaking the rules of reality to get spectacular effects. However, the opposite can also be used to great effect: one can use the physical laws of reality to create wondrous things. We call this the Art of Technology.

There are many physical laws that govern the universe, and it takes a lot of time to master them all. Therefore, most technologists choose to master one discipline at a time… There are seven degrees of aptitude in every discipline. The degree determines how well-versed a character is in a certain discipline.

Having the aptitude to construct something isn't enough, however. A schematic is needed to learn how to construct something. Once a schematic has been "learned", the knowledge of how to construct a certain item stays with the character.

Chemistry - This Discipline deals with man-made substances and their effect on the senses. An example of this is hallucinite, a substance that causes enemies to see things that aren't really there…

Electrical - This Discipline deals with harnessing the power of charge and magnetism. Those well-versed in this discipline can create all kinds of gadgets, a magic detector, for example.

Explosives - This Discipline involves blowing things up! Imagine all the cool fireworks… A true master will use his knowledge in a more sophisticated way than just blowing things up. A good example of this is the stun grenade, which can be used to knock out foes without killing them.

Gun-Smithing - What can be more fun than making your own guns?!? Imagine building your own elephant gun…

Herbology - This Discipline is concerned with herbs, and how they affect the body.

Mechanical - This Discipline deals with the physical properties of materials.

Smithy - If you value your life, you need armour. This Discipline can be used to make some.

Therapeutics - This Discipline deals with augmenting the body by using man-made substances… making it faster, stronger, etc…

Of course, some schematics allow a character to use several disciplines at once to achieve truly amazing results.