The races of Arcanum

Remember, the statistical modifiers here are not absolute. The game is not yet complete and they may be changed at any time. They are, however, the most current information we could scrounge up.

Humans are the most common race in the world of Arcanum. They make up the majority of the population in the cities. Humans seem to be able to do well at both technology and magick.
Statistics: Humans have no statistical bonuses or penalties.

The Gnomes seem to have a knack for finance. They run a lot of the businesses, and they seem to have their dirty little fingers into most of the railroads. They are a sturdy lot, if not as visually pleasing as some of the other races... Gnomes are particularly fond and protective of their families. Angering a Gnomish family is never a good idea, since they don't forget and the natural lifespan of a gnome is 500 years or so... Women and children rarely travel outside of their protective communities, and if they do, a group of Half-Ogre bodyguards is sure to follow.
Statistics: Gnomes get a +2 to willpower, +10 to any negative reaction and gain two additional ranks of Haggle, at the cost of a -2 to Constitution.

The Dwarves are somewhat similar to Gnomes. Although they don't have the business sense Gnomes have, their love and aptitude for all things technological surpasses that of the Gnomes, like their lifespan, which is about 600 years. Dwarves are even more protective of their women than the Gnomes are. This probably has something to do with the apparent lack of women in Dwarven society... the men seem to outnumber the women by nearly a 2:1 ratio.
Statistics: Dwarves get +1 to Strength and Constitution, a bonus of two ranks to all the Technological skills and a starting Technological aptitude of 15, but have a -1 to Charisma and Dexterity and pay twice as much Fatigue for spellcasting.

The Halflings usually prefer to keep to themselves, staying away from politics. Although most aren't criminal in nature, they seem to have a natural talent for thievery. While Halfling women are treated as equals by their men, they are rarely seen outside the halfling communities. While Halfling men are usually not inclined to go out into the world, Halfling women are an even rarer sight.
Statistics: Halflings gain +2 to Dexterity, 2 ranks of Prowl and 1 rank of Dodge and +5% to their chance to cause a critical hit, but at the cost of a -4 modifier to Strength.

Now Half-Orcs are interesting. Before Technology started to become common, they were universally despised, because of their heritage and their bad looks. In the last few years, however, they have proven themselves to be capable of civilised behaviour. Because of their high endurance, they seem to end up in hard-labour situations mostly. Most people still don't trust them, however. A lot of them seem to have a foul temper.
Statistics: Half-Orcs gain +1 Strength and Constitution, +10% Poison Resistance and have a bonus of 2 ranks to Melee and Dodge. They're also faced with a -2 penalty to both Beauty and Charisma.

A similar situation has arisen around the Half-Ogres. While they are not as common in the Arcanum society as the Half-Orcs, they are considered a part of our society by most people. Frankly, though, they aren't too bright and have trouble dealing with other races. Their strength and endurance makes most people treat them with respect though. Most half-ogres are about 120 inches tall (3 m), and their lifespan is 90 years or so. Oddly enough, there are no records of any female Half-Ogres.
Statistics: Half-Ogres, being as burly and brutish as they are, get a +4 to Strength and a +10% Damage Resistance but they loose 1 point of Beauty, 4 points of Intelligence and 2 ranks of Prowling. They are also unable to use many of the smaller guns and much of the armour available in the game.

The nimble Elves do not seem to like all the modern technology, clinging to the old ways of magick. They fear that all the technological advances will pollute the environment and upset the balance of nature.
Statistics: Elves have a +1 bonus to Dexterity, Willpower and Beauty as well as a +15% bonus to their Magickal Aptitude, but have a penalty of 2 to all Technological skills as well as -1 Strength and -2 Constitution.

Half-Elves are a different story. They get along nicely with most of the other races. They do, however, lack technological aptitude, just like their Elven kinfolk.
Statistics: Half-Elves have inherited most of the Elven traits, though to a lesser degree. They have a +1 to Dexterity and Beauty but a -1 to Constitution and -l rank on all Technological skills.