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Discussion in 'Module Discussion' started by TONGSyaBASS, Sep 22, 2006.

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    TONGSyaBASS Member

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    Apr 19, 2005
    I downloaded some Deep15 / WhiteSands files a while ago. I stumbled across them via google. One of the files was called modstuff (67.5mb) and contains some interesting things.
    It includes a clockwork physician fix and an explosive decoy fix. I made my own a few months ago and I'd never heard of anyone else doing it first.
    Does anyone remember these hacks? I haven't actually checked them in enough detail to see if they work but the whole thing seems to be a "work in progress".

    Also there was something called Mess_Hall. I have no clue what it does. Here is the cryptic readme for it:

    "Mess Hall 1.0.1

    Contact: the_dgale@hotmail.com

    overlib is someone else's. http://www.bosrup.com. It's really cool, and I couldn't have made this without it.


    0. Unzip messHall.zip. This will create a folder called "Mess Hall" for all the files.

    1. Open config.js in a text editor and change the value of strModulePath.

    2. Double click messHall.html

    3. Click on catagory and then choose the file you want to edit.


    Q: Why doesn't it work?
    A: I dunno. Send me an email, tell me what's wrong. Try IE if you're using Netscape.

    Q: IE is telling me that an ActiveX control on this page might not be safe? What gives?
    A: Nothing gives. Just say "Yes". I used two MS ActiveX objects and you have tight security settings on your browser. Bully for you! If you're still worried, look at the code. If you don't know code, you have to trust me.

    Q: What the hell is up with that picture of stoopid things?
    A: Nothing.

    Q: Why do I get the message: "The chosen file does not exist. Sorry."
    A1: You may have the wrong Module Path. See Instructions #1
    A2: You may have not escaped the backslash in you path. See the NOTE NOTE NOTE in config.js
    A3: You may need to create this file. Especially for the World Map file. Perhaps in the next version I'll include support for templates and create it for you.
    A4: Beats me. Send me an email and I'll try and fix it.

    Q: Are you really sorry the chose file doesn't exist?
    A: No, not really.

    This program is free. Make copies, post it. Whatever. Feel free to make changes, but if it breaks after that don't come crying to me. Unless your change is cool, in that case I'll you fix it.


    I thought this would be helpful, so I made it.

    One of the things I like about 1074 is the easy access to various mes files. Sometimes I use 1070 and miss that."

    Anyone remember this?
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