WarCry interviews Leonard Boyarsky.

Discussion in 'News Comments' started by Dragoon, Sep 30, 2004.

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    Jul 27, 2001
    Yet another <a href="http://vampyre.warcry.com/scripts/news/view_news.phtml?site=69&id=30691">interview</a> with Leonard, still this one touches quite a few new aspects, that have not being discussed before. There is an especially interesting bit about the influence of your physical appearance on handling weapons.

    <blockquote><b>WarCry:</b> How well are a characters’ physical characteristics going to truly affect the way they use a weapon (will a small dainty character be horribly inaccurate with a Desert Eagle .50AE or swing a large axe/sword/mace/rock/whatever slower than a larger more powerful character vampire or non-kindred)?

    <b>Leonard Boyarsky:</b> Visual physical characteristics don’t enter into it at all. For Melee weapons, your ability/accuracy is governed by your Armed Combat feat, which is comprised of your Strength and Melee stats. For firearms, it’s based off your ranged combat feat, which is comprised of Perception and firearms. If your melee feat is low, you do less damage (among other things), and if your firearms feat is too low, you end up having to contend with more of a kick from your weapon and greater inaccuracy.</blockquote>

    I'd just like to learn that a character of the same vampire race would look differently having min and max strength. It should be visible IMO and it should influence the way people regard you.

    <b>Source:</b> <a href="www.rpgcodex.com">RPG Codex</a>
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