Unasgned Character needs roleplaying game to go to!

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Forum' started by Konig15, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. Konig15

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    Oct 25, 2005
    I was thinking of role playing here, but I'm not sure if any of the games on going will take me. So here's a modified version of the character I'm going to play Arcanum with when I get my computer back and if you think she'd be appropriate for any ongoing games (for I have no idea if new characters are welcome), please tell me.

    You are in a crowded bar in Caladon, the Sobbing Onion in fact. Around your back comes a comely woman with clearly orcish features, wearing spectacles the most prominent being the pointed ears and slit pupils. She sits warmly shakes your hand. You can help but notice despite the manicure, her nails are both thicker and sharper than usual for a human. She smiles gratefully revealing larger than normal canines. Still, she is quite the looker, in a feral way. Her black hair is somewhat matted and hung loose about the back.

    "Ello! Thank you much for meeting with me. Let me get right to the chase. My name is Charlotte Merriweather, formerly Captain Charlotte Merriweather of her Majesty's Royal Marines, Poineer Section. That would be of the Avine Kingdom some thousand kilometers west of Arland. Let me tell you about myself. See this?" She points to her well worn but maintained, jacket, a uniform of some type, "This is my officer's uniform, leather on the outside, insulated saude on the inside. Too hot for summer too cold for winter they used to say!" Her eyes light up for a moment, before becoming dim again.

    "I need to get out of Caladon. Listen, I'm not technically a half orc, my father is half elf, so in the Avine Kingdom I am a 'half human' so I'm not really used to the discrimination Arcanumi heap on ocrish peoples. Well, that and my Kingdom is ruled by the Habsorc dynasty, so discrimination against orcs is somewhat illegal." She sighs, "I'm sorry, let me get to the point that interests you: I am 25 years old, discharged after the war don't you know, with only my uniform as severance. Peace has it's price they say. As I said I'm a poineer, a sapper with nearly 10 years experience. I can disarm landmines and traps with the best of them, and am pretty good at spotting them too. I have my service revolver," she retrieves her Webbly .44 Fine Revolver, and shows it to you before putting it away, "my .45 Large Bore Rifle, standard issue, and based off the legendary Vendigrothian Large Bore Rifle, two charged rings, sapper's gloves, Women's marching boots, these rangemaster spectacles, and a Mining Helmet. I also have limited knowledge of explosive and have much experience with them, as well as 300 rounds of ammunition and the ability to shoot a crow's beak off at 200 yards. I have some money, which no one will be privy too"

    "I can leave tomorrow, and lest you doubt my skills or bravery. I suggest you take a look at this Order of the Conqueror medal round my neck. I won it at the battle of Darby Creek, were I was nearly killed dispatching the legendary elven wizard Beshir L'Gizziy, who had single handedly pined down two platoons of her majesty's fined at the bridge itself. Should you need more evidence, you can telegraph the Ministry of War in Lundin to confirm my story. It may take a while though."

    "Or what did I come to Arcanum for?" I came here to study at the University of Tarant or to apprintice myself to someone like Mr. Maxim, whom I until yeasterday worked for. Well, obviously TU didn't want me so I am stck here. Then some Orges came in over the weekend, bloodied up my boss and stole he latest project which I assure you I have no idea what it was, but it was important. He says he's ruined, and only a miracle can save the Maxim comapany now. So I'm out of a job and on my last penny."
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