strategy for Mr. Big Fiery Nasty (spoiler)

Discussion in 'Dungeons & Dragons Discussion Forum' started by labyrinthian, Jan 4, 2004.

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  1. labyrinthian

    labyrinthian New Member

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    Sep 9, 2003
    This is just my way. Anybody got better? I think this is really the only battle that requires real strategy, except maybe for the Lareth ambush.

    So I think I may have found the best (party member dependent of course) strategy for taking out the fire guardian demon, probably the hardest battle in the game. Or so it was.

    So originally I went with hurling ice storms and cones of cold and summoning the other guardians from the gems, then the elementals, then eventually sending in my paladin and ranger while my rogue took care of quasits and the like. Magic missiles (so something would get by spell resistance) all the while. This sucked. It took like 30 rounds and my paladin always died. The summoned guardians attacked in the least useful way possible, and were easily torn to bits by the fire guardian.

    My new strategy took exactly two rounds and I barely got a scratch.

    1. I gave my ranger +4 on evil outsiders, that sword that hits every time in one hand and the +1 Holy Longsword in the other, and that evil priest's gloves of giant strength +6. If my dwarven fighter were lawful good, I'd have given him Moradin's Soul Hammer. He wasn't, so he got Frostbane. First I stoneskinned and hasted and prayered everybody. Unleash one cone of cold to start battle. Cleric casts dismissal to remove the djinn. Fighters charge attack. The ranger has a smaller weapon, so he will draw the attack, giving me infinte attacks of opportunity for the sword. After Mr. Balrogripoff was done attacking me, he was so hurting I could finish him off next round. Done done and done.
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