Sabbat Prejudice - Hopefully fixed in new WoD MMOG

Discussion in 'Vampire Discussion' started by GrimmHatter, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. GrimmHatter

    GrimmHatter Active Member

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    Dec 27, 2006
    I hated how the Sabbat was portrayed in Bloodlines...mindless, bloodthirsty lunatics with ganky, ape-ish long arms and Wolverine-like mutton chops, and just basically all psycho shock troops. I know that's how White Wolf intended them at first in the original first edition rules books when only the 7 Camarilla clans were available for players to choose from. But WW eventually expanded on the concept of the Sabbat (I believe originally just called "The Black Hand") and the number of clans to 13....2 of which (the Lasaombra - my favorite - and the Tzimisci - spelling? - ) became pivotal as the comprising the bulk of the Sabbat sect. This wasn't exactly big news at the time of Bloodlines' development. I remember getting the Lasombra, Tzimisci, and Settite clanbooks years before in the mid and late 90's when they were still cranking them out.

    So I wonder why they weren't done in more detail in Bloodlines, instead of clone after clone of 1-dimensional beserker thugs you fought time to time. I remember maybe one NPC who was blantantly Tzimisci and that was it. I recall no reference to the Lasombra, and they were considered the "leaders" of the Sabbat (if such a role really existed, as I don't remember them specifically defined this way in the rule books...more or less alluded to in this way). That was really my biggest (and only) gripe about Bloodlines. It was an otherwise fantastic experience, but being the huge fan of the Sabbat that I am, I was really disappointed in the sect's representation throughout the game, especially the flatout absence of the Lasombra, or even a quick mention thereof.

    That said, I'm really looking forward to this new WoD MMOG in the works. Does anyone know if it is based on the older Masquerade edition, or the new edition (I think it's called Requiem?)? If it's about the Masquerade, then I hope the Sabbat doesn't get the shaft like they did in Bloodlines, and that some of their clans are even playable, especially the Lasombra. If it's about Requiem then....meh....I guess I'll have to familiarize myself with the new clans, bloodlines, disciplines etc. so I know what to expect.
  2. Grakelin

    Grakelin New Member

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    Aug 2, 2007
    Is the Tzimisci the guy who whacks you in the back of the head with the bat and is going to torture you to death before Nines saves you? He's the only Sabbat so far with ANY personality.
  3. Dark Elf

    Dark Elf Administrator Staff Member

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    Feb 6, 2002
    No no no, the Tzimisce is the guy who created those weird headfoot creations and who's got this whole triceratops thing going. You fight him twice, first at the 609 mansion and later as the final boss at the Hallowbrook.
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