:P I got through the game the GOOD way without Tulla OR dump

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by com2kid, Oct 21, 2001.

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  1. com2kid

    com2kid New Member

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    Sep 20, 2001

    Who says ya need to meet up with master whats his name.

    After pissing off Tarant AND Caladon by inciting the Orc's Revolt (hey, the Orc dudes where rich, death to the rich shithead slave owners! W00t!) I had to fight my way through Caladon to the Panarii temple.

    AMEN that Trioka thought of this path actualy being FOLLOWED by some bonehead by me (w00t) and the Panarii did not force me to kill them on site.


    I already had the Vendigroth Device, got it toward the begining of those two days that I was trying to get to the other side of the contienent after I FUBARed up the scripting in the Search For Teh Book quest.


    Talk to Nasdarin Whats his name.

    He banished me.

    I only had to walk into Caladon once to complete the game, to activate the Goto The Weird Isle quest.

    I also managed to talk that Necromancer dude outa destroying the world, w00t. (really now folks, it SHOULD be quite obvious at this point that there are spoilers :p ) even though I still think that he's right (Come on, the successful arguments that the main charecter proposes against the Necromancer Dude are so lame. . . .)

    The Necromanced Dude was so pissed so pissed off at me by the end of the conversation though that even though I had him agree to surrender peacefuly he still attacked me, hehe.

    All of my NPCs had gathered around him so I was regulated to wandering around on the outskirts of the battle. They where jam packed up against The Necromancer Dude.

    I was rather proud of how they handled themselves, hehe, The Necromancer Dude was doing around 14 points of damage per turn, my Might Little NPCs where managing aorund 200 :smile: :smile: :smile: It might have been around 250 or 300 actualy, but hey, heh, at that point who's counting, eh? :smile:
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