New to the forum + PL ver. screensh. + some Q's

Discussion in 'Arcanum Discussion' started by Cryptor69, Dec 31, 2003.

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  1. Cryptor69

    Cryptor69 New Member

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    Dec 31, 2003
    1st of all hello everyone, this is my first post here.

    If anyone is interested in seeing some screenshots of the P Lversion of Arcanum here is a link to my gallery ( you can see some recent inventory and character screens of my character there too ) : ... ?cat_id=60

    My Q's are as follows :

    1. I now have - 100 on the good / bad indicator HOW DO I CHANGE THAT ? Or.. should I worry about it ?

    2. Should I install the latest patch ? I mean will it get ride of that nice glitch with the storekeeper :roll: or will I still be able to do the sell/steal thing in tarant after I install this patch ?

    3. I have all 5 of the Black Necromancy, Summoning, Mind spells and few white necromancy, one air and two uhh something. Anyways, what should be the next spell tree that I could use ? Right now I'am using the harm&(don't know the english name for this spell ) blind or sleep or whatever it is 90 % of the time in combat anyways.

    4. I'am level 33 right now ( elf mage ), what is the maximum level I can achieve in this game ?

    5. check out my stats ( ... mage_id=18 ) I have 20 in inteligence and 20 in..well the one right under it. What should I do next ? Or should I just put the points into magic spells ?
  2. jankiel

    jankiel Member

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    Dec 5, 2003
    First of all welcome.
    1.That's not a problem but you won't be able to have some chars in your team unles you become a master of diplomacy.
    2.I have the Polish ver which is not so bad, so I don't think you need it.
    3.Temporal(czas) and Conveyance(przenoszenie) I think those are the best.
    4.50 lvl
    5.Persausion and Constitution(kondycja)
  3. Blinky969

    Blinky969 Active Member

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    Jul 8, 2003
    or you could do whatever you want. It is a very open ended game. At level 50 you should start noticing that almost nothing can kill you, so it doesn't matter too much what you do.

    1. If you want to raise your alignment easily go up to a beggar in some city, I know Tarant has one, and when he asks for 10 gold give it to him.

    2. Of, fucking course. You can still do most of your tricks with the patch, and if you don't have it bad things happen, and I, presonally, don't answer any questions about glitches that unpatched people ask.

    3. If you finished white necro and got force it helps. Conveyance and Temporal are both good too.

    4. 50

    5. If you use alot of magic, sure the more spells the merrier. But if you throw some points into Cn you get a little extra fatigue too.
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