Movie/Book based Mod Ideas:

Discussion in 'Module Discussion' started by FourHorsemen, Aug 13, 2004.

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  1. FourHorsemen

    FourHorsemen Member

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    Jan 12, 2004
    Lord of the Rings
    Well this one's a given...after all, in Arcanum it ALL starts with a ring..hehehe

    But seriously...imagine if the Tolkien map could be imported, then you just equate the people and creatures. Most of the major races are there. Kites for Goblins. Orcs for Orcs. Ogres for Uruks. Enlarged Ogres for Cave Trolls. Cursed Paladins for Narzghuls?

    Its a stratch but what the hell...

    Chronicles of Prydain (also known as the Black Cauldron series)
    Your name is Taran. You live with Dalben and Coll. Dalben is the greatest enchanter in all the land. He has the book three. You're an assistant pig-keeper. YOu take care of Hen-Wen the oracular pig. One day the pig runs away. An adventure begins...

    Well the pig is there..and the cast is reasonably small. Barbarian armored orcs as cauldron born. FFlewddur FFlam as an elf. Yes...its like LOTR-Junior...only you might have a few issues with hair color and all that. Hevydd the smith (smith), Dyvach the weaver wonman (gome female). Anlaw Clay Shaper. Ok, the Gwythaints would be a hassle....might have to use Daragons...or an enlarged familiar.

    Oh Hell Yeah! You wake up naked in the middle of Tarant. You hurt all over and are dazed and confused. But your mission is vital. Find and Protect Sarah "Raven" Connor so that her yet-to-be-born-son John "Nightshade" Connor can survive and lead the resistance movement against the machines controled by BatesNet. But protect her from what? Oh you didn't think you were the only one to make it back in time now did you?

    You are a Terminator. Designation T-800 model. Poly metal alloy endoskeleton with synthetic organic flesh to make you look human. Only you are stronger. Faster. Smarter. More Precise.

    The Perfect killer.

    Your mission, find and terminate Sarah "Raven" Connor so that she nevers gives birth to Batesnet's only enemy in the future, John Connor, leader of the organic/magic resistance movement .

    Play the mod as both types of characters for the full experience

    (ah...if only this could be made...) :(
  2. Shadowbird

    Shadowbird New Member

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    Aug 9, 2004
    Considering the description of kites in the arcanum home page, they would fit a lot more to Gollum type creatures. Dark halflings, gollums, whatever you call them.

    Anything can be made. :) Question is - can it be made by you/me/us/them, and can it be made good? I don't really see a problem here, except for the quite the amount of work...
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