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Discussion in 'Module Discussion' started by random1, Feb 15, 2011.

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  1. random1

    random1 New Member

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    Nov 19, 2010
    Some months ago I made a thread asking about the differences between several releases and the contents of the physical box.
    I'm now happy to say that I'm now a proud owner of a nice near-mint copy of the game (lucky find on ebay) and I'm ready to experience for the first time the game that so many claim to be the #1 RPG.

    These past days I've been reading and searching for relevant mods that may improve gameplay and fix some problems. I've also taken some notes for personal use detailing some aspects of all this.
    My questions are:
    1) does this seem like a non-broken mod stack?
    2) am I missing anything else? (maybe there are more appropriates mods than the ones I'm using)

    C:\games\Arcanum\               - install the game
    arcanum_op_1074.exe             - official patch
    MODS (non-invasive)
    ====================      - additional portraits;
                                      unpack into C:\games\Arcanum\data\         - additional loading screens;
                                      copy Arcanum9.dat dir to C:\games\Arcanum\
    HQ_Townmaps.exe                 - high quality townmaps
    HQ_Music_MP3_320kbps.exe        - high quality music
    ArcanumXNoNoise.dat             - removes extremely annoying loop sounds in certain spells (eg, Agility of Fire);
                                      put it in the game root folder              - edit follower stats in-game;
                                      start trainer then run the game, press alt+Z to edit and alt+X to back to normal
    OPTION 1
    arcanum_up_091225.exe           - unofficial patch v091225;
                                      choose the Main Data and Extra Content options
                                    - universal level cap remover up to level 100;
                                      extract the .mes file into C:\games\Arcanum\data\rules\ then place and run the patch in C:\games\Arcanum\ and type 100
    Magick_Restoration_v100306.exe  - adds missing spells
                                      rename Arcanum8.dat to Arcanum7.dat (this is because Rebalance Pack already has an Arcanum8.dat)
                                     - balance sword, spells, Worthless Mutt;
                                      put Arcanum.PATCH4 into C:\games\Arcanum\modules\ and put Arcanum8.dat in C:\games\Arcanum\
                                           - firearms now cause fatigue, schematics learnt from smithy, range & damage fixes;
                                      unzip to C:\games\Arcanum\data\proto\
    highres_1.1a.exe                - Arcanum High Resolution Patch 1.1a;
                                      press F10 for a different HUD (NOTE: there seems to be a bug when switching, to solve the freeze after F10 press 'i')
    ArcanumBeta_v0.1.exe            - adds almost 1500 missing animations and 21 ambient sounds, it has some minor bugs
                                         - rebalances the magic system (NOTE: incompatible with other mods that use the same .mes files);
                                      extract to C:\games\Arcanum\data\

    There was a small problem with this, which was with the mods Magick_Restoration_v100306.exe and, which both used Arcanum8.dat.
    So I renamed MRP's Arcanum8.dat to Arcanum7.dat.

    I can run the game perfectly in vmware with D3DWindower. But I haven't really had any play time yet (haven't left the crash site area).

    3) BTW, which character would you recommend me to pick for my first playthrough? Should I be a technologist or a mage?
    I'm hoping the mods above fix the imbalance issues I hear so much about.

    4) If I'm missing any important mod-related info, feel free to let me know (eg, it comes to me that I remember reading here about some gems that are only sold once by a particular merchant).

    Thank you for your feedback gentlemen.
  2. Drog Alt

    Drog Alt Member

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    Jun 30, 2010
    I'd highly advise against using so many mods on your first ever playthrough. It's not like this is Oblivion. Bugfixes are enough.

    The "rebalance" mods are especially controversial. A "proper" (i.e. community approved and heavily tested) rebalance mod was never made. Most of these "rebalance" packs are just changes to things the author didn't like in the original game. Highly subjective. Thus, I haven't noticed many people using such mods. If you really *must* play a pure gunslinger on your first playthrough and you *really* can't stand the high difficulty of playing such a character, then maybe you could try Krupp's Arcanum Ranged Weapon Mod, it at least has had *some* feedback.

    While I'm at it.

    Magick_Restoration_v100306.exe - Doesn't restore anything. Replaces several original spells with some unused ones instead. Obviously, you shouldn't use it on your first playthrough. - Few random changes. Probably breaks something (since it at least overrides the spell list). Wouldn't recommend. - Krupp's mod is more complete and more popular. Both are really unnecessary, though.

    FYI, all mods that modify spells in some way are automatically incompatible with each other.
  3. random1

    random1 New Member

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    Nov 19, 2010
    Thanks for the feedback Drog. And also thanks for all your work in the game.

    In that case I'll stick with the HQ music and HQ maps packs, and with UAP, level cap remover and hi-res mods.
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