If Arcanum came out today, what perks would be in it?

Discussion in 'Arcanum Discussion' started by Dark Elf, Jul 22, 2019.

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  1. Dark Elf

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    Feb 6, 2002
    One thing I like about leveling up is being able to pick new perks/feats/abilities/whatever the nomenclature is, and CRPGs have come a long way since the Baldur's Gate days, when at level up you got like +3 hit points and that was that (yeah, there was a THAC0 progression and you probably got better saves and Lore and whatnot, but most of that happened behind the scenes and you didn't get to actually pick all that much, did you?). Anyway, Arcanum was from a different era, and I'm quite certain that had it come out today, in addition to spending that character point you would have been able to pick a perk of some kind.

    Just some general ideas:

    Weapon specialization perks:
    Bonus TH, speed and damage with particular weapons. If you wanted to be an unarmed character, it could be done this way.

    Special attacks:
    Charge in and stun enemies, fire a gun and then immediately switch to a close combat weapon (or hit your enemy with the butt of your rifle/pistol whip them), charge your melee attack with magick, whirlwind attacks, throw something particularly far once a fight etc.

    Social perks:
    Higher chance to succeed in diplomacy/haggle against the opposite sex, you can gamble for more money, you can turn trash into makeshift bandages etc.

    Magick/tech perks:
    Your explosions are more volatile, you're better at splashing acid, you can overcharge spells to increase numerical parameters but then the spell drains increased fatigue and/or health etc.
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