Getting Tollo as a good guy

Discussion in 'Arcanum Discussion' started by Aerris, Mar 5, 2016.

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  1. Aerris

    Aerris New Member

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    Feb 25, 2016
    i can't seem to find Tollo Underhill. I've taken the good path, and I've just discovered the location of ^
    Vendigroth in Tulla, but when i go into the Dernholm pits
    ^ and get to the location where he is supposed to be (or at least, where he is if you take the evil option) there aint anyone there. So, do you have to choose to ^
    work with dark elves for him to appear, or what?
  2. Jojobobo

    Jojobobo Well-Known Member

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    May 29, 2011
    It's like a matryoshka doll of spoilers. Yes, unfortunately you have to take the dark path I think - them telling you about his capture from what I remember is a meant to be a new development in the game when you join the bad side.
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