Drog Black Tooth's Unofficial Patch

Discussion in 'News Comments' started by mathboy, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. mathboy

    mathboy New Member

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    Sep 3, 2003
    Drog Black Tooth at the RPGCodex has created a kick-ass patch for Arcanum, fixing many of the issues didn't.
    <br><a href="http://rpgcodex.net/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=23720&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0">To the thread at the RPGCodex</a>
    <br>I've been working on fixing various bugs in Arcanum for the last month. I replayed the game several times, fixed some of critical bugs, added some lost content, fixed stats on lots on NPCs and so on. The list is pretty big already, but still, Arcanum is one of the biggest RPGs and I can't possibly find all the bugs alone. That's why I'm posting this topic. Report all the bugs in Arcanum you know and I'll fix them.
    <br>The reasons for this project are quite simple. There are some fixes for Arcanum on the net, but they're amateur, not proper and most likely not compatible with each other. We need a complete, tested pack.
    <br>To put it simply, I'm making a project similar to Co8 of ToEE community. For now, I'm working on it alone, but I welcome any people experienced enough. At any rate, I'm very anal about the content of this patch, I won't allow for powergaming or lulz. Let's just polish the game. I'm tired of people calling Arcanum one of the buggiest RPGs.
    <br>You can download version 080413 here.
    <br>WARNING: The patch is designed to work on the original English version of the game, patched to
    <br>NO MODS SHOULD BE INSTALLED. The patch most likely won't be compatible with them.
    <br>Unpack the files to your Arcanum folder (Arcanum5.dat contains all data file changes, while Arcanum.PATCH1 has all module changes).
    <br>The engine itself is also modified, so make a backup of your Arcanum.exe if you wish to be able to go back later.
    <br>After you unpack the files BE SURE to run CleanCache.bat, it will delete all cached files, so new ones will be generated when you launch the game.
    <br>NOTE: The CD check has been removed as well, no point in it after all these years.
    <br>NOTE2: Although it's not obligatory, it's advised that you start the new game. Some fixes (i.e. Kraka-Tur journal) won't work with old saves.
    <br>v080413 CHANGELOG:
    <br>-Added race icons for Dark Elves, Ogres and Orcs. Now you can distinguish them from their brotherly races. Note: icons were in the game, but due to laziness were unused. No idea why, they're actually quite beatiful.
    <br>-Fixed art for Elixir of Hypnotic Suggestion.
    <br>-Fixed typos in dialogue for Raven, Zan Alurin, Alice and Willow.
    <br>-Fixed Alexander's dialogue and dying script. This allows for properly getting his ending.
    <br>-Added a missing line to Nasrudin's dialogue.
    <br>-Fixed issues with Kraka-tur's journal and Kraka-tur's dialogue. Now you have an option to shame him if you read the journal, and he also properly recognizes both his journal and eye.
    <br>-Fixed mixed up responses for dummies in Pollock's dialogue.
    <br>-Fixed Surly Virgil's dialogue. Now he properly leaves the party and has a proper response when jilted.
    <br>-Fixed Virgil's dialogue so he now recognizes the crash site and tells PC about it when asked.
    <br>-Fixed wrong line number in generic npc class responses.(gd_cls_m2m.mes)
    <br>-Restored HEF2 (Half Elf Female 2) and NPCJay (Jayna Stiles) portraits from the beta version as the ones in the final are clearly inferior to them.
    <br>-Fixed palettes for Large Wool Jacket and Heavy Rags.
    <br>-Fixed Darm Helm. Its effects are no longer permanent. (Original script contained a typo, wrong line number)
    <br>-Fixed Black Stone Blade. Its effects are no longer permanent. (Original object had a wrong WIELD_OFF script attached)
    <br>-Fixed the exit of Stone Cutter Clan script. Now it teleports you to the proper location.
    <br>-Dark Elves, Ogres and Orcs stats are tweaked a bit to match their brotherly races.
    <br>-Ogres and Orcs are no longer considered monster (except for summoned ones).
    <br>-Kerghan's Dragon Form now has a monster flag, so he can do proper damage, 5-20 of normal, poison, fire and electrical, as it was meant by developers. Note: Critters in Arcanum can do custom unarmed damage only if they have one of the monster flags (monster, undead, animal, mechanical).
    <br>-Naked Halfling was missing an undead flag. Now he can do his proper damage, 15-40 of normal.
    <br>-Added large basic and bronze platemails, large and small dragon skin leathers, small dread armor, normal and small dark, bronze and red barbarian armor to shops. No way to get most of these types of armor otherwise.
    <br>-Fixed issues with Dweomer Shield and Reflection Shield spells. They no longer work on mind controlled creatures (this includes summoned ones), thus they won't allow for making anybody a permanent follower glitch anymore.
    <br>-Removed level scaling with random encounters (except Molochean Hand and orc bandits). Level scaling was unrealistic in the first place, you could meet certain creatures only on certain levels and no creatures except molochean hand and bandits on level 50, thus making the world feel more empty and making it more trivial to level up your followers.
    <br>-Drog Black Tooth now has a proper race.
    <br>-Ivory and Whysper in Qintarra now have proper races.
    <br>-Silver Lady is now leveled up, has no pickpocket, no disintegrate and no flee flags, and most of all has a missing floating animation restored.
    <br>-Race fixes for almost all guards in T'sen-Ang. (They were elves instead of dark elves and it's easy to see now with races icons fix)
    <br>-Void party: Gorgoth and Krakatur now have proper monster flags and proper custom damage. Bane of Kree is leveled up, Arronax now has a proper race (no longer human).
    <br>-Race fixes for 3 dwarves in Wheel Clan.
    <br>-Race fixes for Orc Bandit in the Boil, 2 Dark Elf Guards outside T'sen-Ang, Bunny at Madam Lil's, Halfling Villager in Shrouded Hills, Elf Thief, Half Ogre Bandit and Halfling Bandit on the Isle of Despair, Willoughsby (first appearance, with Smythe), Ogre Bandit at the Crash Site. They all had wrong races.
    <br>-Evil Joachim at docks is leveled up to match the one at the city entrance when you walk to Caladon on your own. (Yes, there are two of them, you get a one based on how you got to Caladon)
    <br>-Fixed basic proto issues for 10 Orc Berserkers in the Boil, proper gender and sounbanks now.
    <br>-Fixed Stringy Pete and his crew basic proto issues: they no longer do 0 damage if disarmed and have proper sounbanks.
    <br>-NPCs will no longer pick up boulders on their own.
    <br>-Both hushed revolver and hushed pistol are now silent. That is, they can only be heard within 2 tiles.
    <br>-Fixed descriptions for Chapeau of Magnetic Inversion and Potion of Intellect.
    <br>-Added a missing line to Simeon Tor's dialogue.
    <br>-A medical arachnid made by player is now functioning.
    <br>-Machined Plate now gives a proper strength bonus. (Script counters weren't set and a WIELD_OFF script was missing as well)
    <br>-Fixed Nasrudin's dialogue for dummies.
    <br>-Fixed typo in Magnus' dialogue and added global flag which affects Thorvald's dialogue.
    <br>-Swyft now properly disbands in Tarant in all cases.
    <br>-Now you can properly accept Swyft's quest with high haggle skill.
    <br>-All methods to become a friend of Molochean Hand now work correctly.
    <br>-Creep Armour now gives a bonus to backstab, just as the description says.
    <br>-Fixed wrong haggle conditions and missing global flags in the dialogue for the Molochean Hand Agent at Shrouded Hills.
    <br>-Fixed the Master Mage of Water's dialogue for dummies, now the former student appears in front of the gates in this case as well.
    <br>-Fixed Weldo Rubin's dialogue, now he waits, disbands and rejoins properly.
    <br>-Fixed Weldo Rubin's stats, now he has an auto-leveling scheme, so he can level up properly.
    <br>-Revolver Parts now have proper art.
    <br>-Small Robe of the Chameleon now has proper art.
    <br>-Tarant Sewers now use a correct music track.
    <br>-Geoffrey and Perriman dialogues and scripts are fixed, now you can have them both in your group if you're a master of persuasion and have charisma of 20.
    <br>-Fixed Simeon Tor's dialogue, now he properly recognizes Perriman and Geoffrey.
    <br>-Maxim will now recognize parts for a Mechanized Gun and build one for you.
    <br>-Fixed description on a Wise Woman in Caladon (no longer says "Halfling Villager").
    <br>-Fixed Nicholas the Bartender at Madam Lil's. He was using a generic bartender dialogue, while he had a proper one. His dialogue is rather funny, he gives you free drinks when you pay for a girl, and when you get drunk enough you get an option to sexually harass him, his comments are priceless (and random!).
    <br><b>Thanks to Dark Elf.</b>
  2. Dark Elf

    Dark Elf Administrator Staff Member

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    Feb 6, 2002
    Make me a newsposter so that I can take care of this!
  3. Hans Maulwurf

    Hans Maulwurf New Member

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    Jan 8, 2008
  4. GrimmHatter

    GrimmHatter Active Member

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    Dec 27, 2006
    That's cause alone for me to crank out a new character after half a year of hibernation. This looks to be a staple alongside 1074.
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