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Discussion in 'Arcanum 2 Suggestion Forum' started by Philosopher, Jul 20, 2004.

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  1. Philosopher

    Philosopher New Member

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    Jul 20, 2004
    Something that I think is off - why are spells/techs and skills using the same character points? I'd like to see two seperate pools, ala Fallout, where each level you get a few points (depends on intelligence) to use on skills, and then a point or two to use on spells/techs/perks. Yes, perks - these should be in there as well.

    Because you are putting a lot more into skills, you need more than 5 levels, of couse - or, make it so 1 skill point adds only 1/4 a level, rather than a whole 1. And, you need more skills.

    Remove the level cap, or at least make it some obscenely high number nobody will ever reach, so you have pretty much infinite character progression. Of course, someone could eventually get every spell, tech, and perk, and have maxed out skills, but anybody who reaches this spends too much time playing games anyhow.

    Lastly, don't hardcode any properties into the engine, so you can add/remove those properties with simple file edits. ;) And let backgrounds give starting techs/spells. :D
  2. Tzaca

    Tzaca New Member

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    Jul 17, 2004
    that`s an u have to pick your path from the beggining or mage .... if u chose mage u should use less skill points for magik and agreater no. of points for i right
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