"Beset the Queen of Angels"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Settler, Dec 16, 2003.

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  1. labyrinthian

    labyrinthian New Member

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    Sep 9, 2003
    Well, codeine is legal if you have a really bad cough.

    And, yeah, I love Borges. He's in my top five. But then I study metaphysics and used to eat a lot of funny mushrooms, so go figure.

    I agree that his style of magical realism is very different from Marques. I'd say Calvino is a sort of compromise. But I dig em all for different reasons.
  2. Jarinor

    Jarinor New Member

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    Aug 5, 2001
    I've had some epic dreams, but I also have recurring dreams (and they're the same 3 or 4 dreams as well). I also have dreams in which some things are the same, but different things are happening. In these types of dreams, I nearly always have extreme trouble moving - I try running, but I can only move in slow motion, and it's incredibly frustrating. Or I dream I'm mega rich, wake up and realise that I'm not.

    But yeah, the recurring dreams are all about falling. I'm either standing in my backyard, and the wind blows so hard I'm carried about 20 metres into the air, then I drop straight down. Just before I hit, the dream starts over. The dreams recur while I'm dreaming! The other ones are also like that - being shot from some catapult like device somewhat like the one from the Richie Rich movie into the sea, falling from an extremely high pole, or again sailing through the air as though I've been shot from a catapult (although there isn't one) over some mountains. In each and every dream, I never hit the ground. Each one also replays constantly, although there are slight differences between them, but they're always the same length.
  3. Qilikatal

    Qilikatal New Member

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    Feb 22, 2002
  4. Settler

    Settler Member

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    Jul 6, 2002
    Here's another one from a few months ago - unfortunately, I can't remember it all. This was more six separate dreams in quick succession, but I saw them as one while sleeping. Slightly less epic when awake :).

    1. Inside my school quadrangle, standing where a pond should have been, looking up to where a glass screen near an upstairs classroom should have been – instead there was no barrier, or possibly a railing. My cousin was trying to jump onto a moving, Zelda-esque leaf platform. She kept missing the platform, at which point I got angry with her. At one point I started yelling, which annoyed my uncle (her father), who was standing in front of some lockers near the classroom.
    2. Just a fleeting vision. Once again inside the quadrangle, looking from in front of the library doors down a staircase. I watched as a wiry, elderly (probably around 70 yrs old) man carried a box with a computer (a Mac, I think) in it up the stairs – I knew that I was some tech support person.
    3. Can’t remember.
    4. There’s only one scene I can remember from this (though I know what the dream was all about) – a really cinematic shot from high in the air, looking down in three-quarter view on a (nearly) empty town square, which had a weathered, sandstone Roman-styled building (looked like the Temple of Concorde) in the opposite end to the camera. A man (whom I knew was a criminal) was standing near the temple, poised to run – in the pose of someone fleeing from something, then stopping momentarily to decide where to go (which was what was happening). Hundreds of birds (seagulls, I think) were flying away from him in all directions. This man had committed a string of murders – I knew he was running around killing pregnant women with a butter knife, and a girl from my class and I were trying to catch him.
    5. Can’t remember.
    6. Two semi-realistic fish (one looked a little like the flounder from the Disney version of The Little Mermaid) were swimming nearly vertically downwards into the ocean – although I never saw the coast in the dream, and I, myself wasn’t even in it, even as someone else, I know that if I had turned around, I would have seen it. Whales were also involved somewhere. After a while, the fish reached the lowest depths – and I saw James Earl Jones (who was telling me something mind-blowing). I may have also been able to see stars – there was a general suggestion of infinity. A few packed sleeping bags (black with blue straps) rose up out of the depths, and I somehow knew that each one represented a universe – the whole scene was something about the multiverse – life, the universe and everything – whatever the Big Question is, this was the answer. I don’t do drugs :).
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