A not so Wholesome Mod

Discussion in 'Module Discussion' started by FourHorsemen, Mar 17, 2005.

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  1. FourHorsemen

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    Jan 12, 2004
    This "piss-take" mod would alllow for a rather ridiculous (female-only) background called "prostitute" which depending your Beauty and Charisma, would allow you offer "alternative negotiation" during certain quests. On the downside, you take a huge blow to fatigue and suffer poisoning a lot as well as the odd scarring depending on what happens. Also, your reputation takes a kick in the rump as every time you use this "ability" you are dubbed "The Tart of , Slut of, Whore of...<town name>, depending one what you have done, how many times you have done it, and how many you have done :p You also get bad reactions from women and upper class men (the middle class don't care and the low class LOVE you)

    Where and Hwo it would apply:

    Shrouded Hills:
    - Remove the bridge thieves by entertaining Lukan and his ogre buddies
    - Learn about the ring from Risteze by checking out his back room

    Black Root
    - Convince the Mayor to turn over the taxes by spending a little time working over the mansion

    - Get the lockbox from Garret the blacksmith by comforting his half-orc need for tlc

    - Regain the ceremonial dagger from the THieves by showing the gang what its all about

    - Learn about the ring from P.Schylers by offering to lift their spirits (if Magnus is with you he will call you a dirty slut before attacking everyone)

    - Secure the release of Gar by showing his captor what a real freak show is all about (results in scarring)

    - Regain the Garrinsborough painting by showing the half-ogre something pretty

    - Regain the deed to the BEssie Toome mine by showing them some other explorable places

    - Regain money for Madam Lil by motivating the halfling outside the Inn.

    - End the Orc Uprising by showing the orcs better working condirions (scarring and major fatigue drain and poisoning, better have some potions on hand)

    - Secure the best terms for Tarant in the negotiations with Caladon using the finer arts

    - Help the idol thief get over his self-esteem problem by proving that even he can get some

    Isle of Despair
    - Learn about the Wheel Clan from Thorvald by showing that Cynthia Boggs isn't the only action available in the complex.

    - Secure Cynthia Boggs escape by playing nice at the WOmens Camp. Loria and her followers will storm the fortress and kill everyone,. (this cancels the first quest). On the plus side, you'll get a better reaction from females which you will in all likelyhood need wit this background)

    Wheel Clan
    Get Loghaire out of exile by showing what regal life is all about.

    - Secure the elf release from the Bedokkan by showing Kan Kerai and his posse that warm-bloods aren't all that bad. You get the smae result as the peaceful resolution only you get a bad case of poising cos they all be reptiles.

    Convince Llamelach to stop killing people by offering to satisfy his other hunger

    Please don't take this too seriuosly it was meant to be a joke...if anyone was offended, I apologize!
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