A new module idea - The mystery of Eh

Discussion in 'Module Discussion' started by on1ondevelopment, Aug 8, 2014.

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  1. on1ondevelopment

    on1ondevelopment Member

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    Jul 25, 2014
    Have you thought of the "Eh" text file which says "Well thats that then !!!!"? All the mysteries of it... Who wrote it, what happened, why is it there, what does it mean?

    This topic - viewtopic.php?f=26&t=19029 - gave me a strange idea for a new module: "The mystery of Eh".

    You are an adventurer who just finished Arcanum, looked through the files of the game and noticed the "Eh.txt" file, containing the well-known text. You then travel to Troika to try finding it out and then the workers there don't want to tell it, so you'd have to go on some sort of epic adventure throughout the cyberworld to find the origins of the file and know who it was made of, and why it was made.

    I haven't got a lot of experience for creating modules but I'll study some Amtut. I'll just leave this here for further discussion and we can see if this idea goes into the virtual trash can or becomes a playable module.

    This might sound very odd, but I'd say we should give it a go. :p
  2. Nataku

    Nataku Member

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    Jun 19, 2011

    What a... good idea :p
    Good luck, be sure I will give it a try if you create it.
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